EVO V8: first renderings of Evo Yachts’ new flagship unveiled

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EVO V8 will be launched in the coming months and handed over to an Italian owner, a great fan of the Evo Yachts brand.

Evo Yachts, a brand of the Blue Emme Yachts shipyard and inventor of a new concept of “transformer” boat well-known among the most demanding boaters, resulting in the production of the R-series models ( R6 and R4) and the tenders T2 and T3, now unveils a new amazing and innovative project: the EVO V8, a futuristic boat with a very muscly design and new flagship of the Italian shipyard.

One of the most interesting innovations lies in the ability to cruise under power with feelings that are every similar to those felt on a sailboat. In other words, the V8 offers a new interpretation of life at sea that reflects unprecedented concepts. The essential and sophisticated design penned by Valerio Rivellino denotes a strong originality that is completely different from the other EVO series and that wants to find a point of intersection between suggestions from the two worlds of sailing and motor yachts. With a lenght of 24 meters and the possibility of very fast changes in spaces and layouts (one of the main strengths of the shipyard), the V8 offers a world of extreme conviviality and relaxation even when cruising under power at high speed.

EVO V8 saloon

The particular hull design delivers high performance with the same comfort than sailing counterparts and, as designer Rivellini explains, “motor yacht lovers begin their holiday when they reach their destination, either at anchor off the coast or in port, whereas sailing yacht owners start their holiday right away, as soon as they step on board. Evo V8 combines the speed of a motor yacht with the comfort and relaxation of sailing”. One of the main results of this mixed approach is the presence of four helm stations. The first is forward of the main salon, the second on the flybridge while two wheels are on the port and starboard sides of the bow cockpit.

EVO V8 lounge area

A clear reference to the world of sailing, they are very practical when manoeuvring, giving the captain the possibility of choosing the helm station that best adapts to sea and weather conditions. Another important similarity between the world of sailing and motoryachts can be found in the side seats and the couches around the helm stations, which invite socialisation between the driver and their guests for a true relaxing holiday experience.

EVO V8 beach area

The aft area or beach area, huge and architecturally impressive, can be extended hydraulically thanks to the hull sides that open, offering a truly unprecedented space in the global boating scenario. Next to the beach area and in direct communication with the master cabin is a space of rare beauty and fascination: a lounge area preceded by three steps, where air conditioning and panoramic views offer a great livability all year round.

EVO V8 master cabin

When the stern glass door is closed, this charming area becomes a real extension of the double cabin which, therefore, transforms into a 12-meter-long full-beam mega suite. Completely customizable in layout, V8 is available in a version with three guest cabins for 7 people plus a crew cabin for 2, both located on the lower deck together with the galley.

EVO V8 bow cabin

On the main deck, the spacious salon is surrounded by large windows that can be lowered almost entirely. Two side walkways surround the squared deckhouse while the bow offers an additional elegant living zone. Evo V8, the super open yacht that you were waiting for, demonstrates how the Italian boating genius is always driving and ahead of trends.


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