Ewincher 2

Ewincher 2: the new more powerful electric winch handle

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The electric winch handle Ewincher 2 is now faster and more performing

An alternative to electric winches exists and is called Ewincher, the electric winch ewincher 2 easy operationhandle. A real revolution for many passionate sailors who, since its launch in 2017, have had the opportunity to test its excellent performance.

This year, the French manufacturer Ewincher doubles its efforts with Ewincher 2, an even faster and more powerful new model with more autonomy and 20% performance boost.

Unique with its three operating modes (electric, manual, and combined) Ewincher 2 provides maximum comfort, precision, and high speed for all manoeuvres.

Thanks to a 450 W battery and a patented efficient motor, you always have 230 W and 90 Nm torque available on the winch tip. The handle is, in fact, more powerful than a crew member in good physical condition, capable of producing a maximum energy ratio of 200 W over 30 seconds.


Ewincher 2: extreme autonomy and great ease of use

ewincher-2-green-areaThanks to the new Ewincher 2, you can trim a 160-square-meter spinnaker without any difficulty. The quick start (100 rpm in electric mode; 260 rpm the combined one) allows to hoist the mainsail of a 45-foot cruiser in one minute. Furthermore, you can even  hoist a 110 kg crew member to the top of a mast of a 60-footer.

The 25.2V 300 mAh lithium-ion battery is removable and has a charging time of 1h30 with 12V or 220V.

Autonomy is equal to more than a day of sailing on a 45-foot boat while the variable speed drive allows for a precise manoeuvre control.

The integrated torque limiter, adjustable via the smartphone app, is an important safety element against possible breakage or damages.

Ewincher 2 can be easily ewincher-2-body-resistanceused on all winches of boats up to 60 feet in length, with no installation required.

Weighing only 2.2kg, it is easy to use and represents a complete solution to motorize all maneuvers while keeping your sensations in hand and therefore perfect control.

The Ewincher 2 kit includes: the handle, one battery, the 120-220 V charger, a 12 V inverter, a floatation lanyard, a winch handle pocket for the cockpit, and carry case.

Users who have already installed it on their boats say: ” Ewincher has changed life on board”. Thanks to Ewincher 2, their life on board will reach the top.

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