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We have already talked about Ferretti Group’s upswing and the Ferrari Family’s inflow in the company share capital; then, we visited the shipyard of La Spezia where Custom Line series and bigger Riva models are built.

Custom Line series was created in 1996 to meet the demand for custom-made displacement fiberglass boats. We were aboard the new flagship, still under construction, of the displacement series of this line: Navetta 37, designed by Zuccon International Project.Bernardo e Martina Zuccon

La Navetta 37 di Custom Line
Custom Line – Navetta 37

Visiting a shipyard is always a wonderful experience but this one is actually well-organised and on production lines we find only the necessary construction material, while all the rest lies in the warehouses and it is brought here only when necessary.

Navetta 37 is constantly cleaned by the cleaning staff so that waste arising prom processing cannot ruin anything; all surfaces in the processing areas are protected. Each area is destined to a particular processing, under the supervision of experts and in total order, by following a specific technical plan and the relative operating instructions.

All materials are high quality and all portholes and windows are made by the Italian Amare Group, which also provides a high-tech gangboard we have already dealt with.

navetta 37 1

Custom Line production lines work on two shifts in order to reduce implementation times within 12 months, which allows to be very competitive. Shuttle boats of this size, especially if made of iron or aluminium, are usually delivered in twice as much time.

Here, we have an important customization level; for example, you can even have an automatic balcony, directly operated by the shipowner.

The latest introduction of a bulb allows, as already proved on mercantile ships, to increase performances and reduce consumption.

We liked this Navetta 37 and how it is built very much.

Il balcone della Navetta 37
The balcony of Navetta 37

I lavori a bordoIMG_8573IMG_8570IMG_8562

Navetta 37
Navetta 37

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