Olympic Champion on fire

Ferry catches fire, passengers safely evacuated. The video.

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A fire broke out on passenger ferry “Olympic Champion” short after it left the Greek port of Igoumenitsa for Venice.

538 passengers, 79 crew members and 239 vehicles were on board. Two passengers suffered respiratory problems and were transferred to the local hospital. Fortunately, they are in good condition. All the other passengers were evacuated without any problems.

The fire broke out at the fourth level of the ”Olympic Champion’s” garage, affecting two trucks that were traveling on it. The fire was soon under control as the ship’s automatic fire-fighting systems worked from the very first moment.

The proximity of the port and the efficiency of the ferry staff prevented the accident from turning into tragedy. Fortunately, no risk of environmental pollution has been reported.

The ferry Olympic Champion was built in 2000 by the Norwegian shipyard Fosen. With a weight of 32,640 tons, it can accommodate up to 1,833 passengers and 1,100 cars. With a length of 204 meters and a width of almost 26 meters, it has 808 berths and 330 passenger armchairs.

Being able to reach a top speed of over 30 knots, it operates between Greece and Venice which it links in just 15 hours of navigation.

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