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Fiart Seawalker 43 Panorama: breath-taking elegance and versatility

Fiart Seawalker 43 Panorama will officially make its world premiere at the Cannes Yachting Festival which will be held from September 12-17, 2023.

Designed as Seawalker-43an all-season walkaround, the Panorama version of the now famous Seawalker 43 was born from the idea of ​​making the flagship of the range more versatile. In fact, the new model retains all the characteristic pluses of the Fiart walkaround, innovating the deck, to become even more comfortable and usable even for long voyages.

The major innovation of the 2023 version is a new and extensive glass windshield which guarantees Seawalker 43 Panorama perfect aerodynamics and optimized visibility from all angles, both in navigation and when maneuvering.

The new fiberglass structure has been designed to interfere minimally, leaving ample space for the crystals and the light that enters overwhelmingly, giving the whole design a perception of lightness.

The hard top, connected directly to the windshield, closes the environment in the front area, allowing the pilot to navigate sheltered from the elements, without however giving up the pleasant exchange of air and coolness.

The idea behind this new design was to create an area, which if desired can also be enclosed at the rear (thus setting up a kitchen and living area), that allows all-round visibility without the feeling of ‘heaviness’ overhead, but rather, making the owner feel as if there were ‘nothing above but the sky’.

The view will be breathtaking, the feeling of freedom and protection at the same time is a trump card on all fronts, as the new restyling will also accommodate a system of solar panels for storing and harnessing solar energy, raising public awareness towards a sustainable type of boating aimed at reducing consumption and pollution.

Seawalker 43 PanoramaWhat’s more, this new solution has made it possible to design a layout with even larger outdoor spaces, maintaining the walkways typical of walkarounds but with greater room for movement. The side-decks towards the bow are wider and the outdoor galley even larger, with unmistakable elegance and simplicity.

In the new Seawalker 43 Panorama version, the Neapolitan shipyard also places greater emphasis on new textures and fabrics for the upholstery, essences for the interiors and fine finishes. This version of Fiart’s famous day-cruiser has been designed to meet the needs of owners who want more and more in terms of design, performance and luxury, choosing only top quality.

This model has been entirely designed and built by Fiart’s technical department, which has managed to perfectly combine the appeal of the shipyard’s walkarounds with current commercial trends, standing out for elegance, design and performance.

In fact, the quality remains that of the Fiart models we are accustomed to: enviable liveability from real cruisers with high, comfortable cabins, bathrooms with separate showers, ample wardrobes and fine finishes. From here it is easy to understand why these models are so popular: the Seawalker 43 Panorama, like its predecessors, is a safe and enjoyable travelling companion for long or short cruises, ensuring its owners quality, elegance, refined design and excellent performance.


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