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Filippetti Sport 55 : that’s how a wonder sails

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Filippetti Sport 55 

Testing dozens of boat a year is a filippetti sport 55great job. On the one hand, it allows you to stay a long time at sea; on the other, it inevitably makes you particularly sensitive to the marine behaviour of boats.

That’s why, as soon as you “get your hands” on something different or unconventional, you immediately realize that.

And this was exactly what happened with the Filippetti Sport 5 which, without doubt, is the best open boat I’ve never tested in the last few years.

Filippetti Sport 55 Sea Trial

The sky has a strange light as we leave the Marina dei Cesari. In recent days, a gale blew hard from the south and the sky still shows the signs.

Waves are still high but, fortunately, the absence of wind has eliminated the aggressiveness that could have undermined our test.

With the help of the joystick, Fausto Filippetti takes us out of the berth and we are out of the port in an instant. We’re accompanied by a special captain today since Fausto is not only the co-founder of Pershing, the international icon of luxury and speed, but also represents one of the most important experts of sports yachts. Passionate about boats and sea since he was child, still today, as soon as he can, he loves to personally transfer his boats.

filippetti sport 55 at seaOut of the port, we’re welcomed by 1.5 m waves that make me immediately think that we will have some difficulty in detecting the speed of this yacht, powered by twin IPS 1200 900HP engines.

I ask Fausto to stay at the helm while I feel the speed and consumption chart. I take my place in the co-pilot’s seat and, while Fausto accelerates, I prepare myself to receive the blows of the sea.

But these blows never come. The Fillippetti Sport 55 cuts through the waves with absolute ease.

I turn around and see a knowing smile appear on Fausto’s face. He already knew that… I literally take the helm off his hands and start to truly test the boat.

I filippetti sport 55 runningspeed up and get the boat on plane at around 20 knots. Again, the miracle is repeated: the mountain of water comes, the bow rises, inclination increases, a jump and….and nothing: the boat lands without impact , as if there were shock absorbers to slow down the descent.

I increase the speed, put the bow against the waves and reach a speed of 30 knots. The boat sails well ans cuts through the waves effortlessly. Sure, with such sea conditions, picking is evident but the hull of the Fillippetti Sport 55 deals with it brilliantly, even making it seem normal.

Sailing at 30 knots in such sea conditions means having the possibility to safely deal with transfers that, on any other boat, would be really difficult in these conditions.

filippetti sport 55 counterlightWith the sea behind, the situation gets better and I start to perform a series of tight turn in order to try to put this yacht in difficulty but the only result I get is the fun of passengers because this hull keeps the boat literally “planted in water”.

The Filippetti Sport 55 sails like she was on virtual tracks and, despite my efforts, she is always stable, even when I push the gas throttles forward and brings the turning angle to the maximum.

So, while I use this yacht as it was an offshore motorboat, I realize that maneuvers do not cause any crunches on board. The building quality of this yacht is definitely high.

For the filippetti sport 55 sternpleasure of the guests, I restore a straight pace and, with the sea behind again, I push the throttles all forward. The speed indicator marks 37-38 knots. Then, with just little trimming and a favourable sea, we register a top speed of 40.3 knots.

Really not bad for the IPS version, the “quietest” among all the options available.

A look at Fausto and, again, I encounter his knowing smile, as if he was challenging me to write what I think. And I, who have nor fear neither masters, I take my pen and write down the words that make up the sentence: “the best hull ever tried”.

Finally, I turn to him and say: ” And now, I want to test the MAN and the Arneson versions”.

Not only performance: interiors

The border between inside and outside filippetti sport 55, cockpitis pleasantly ephemeral in this Coupe.

Davide Cipriani has managed to design a convertible space that, when closed, allows to air condition interiors while, when open, offers the same view and spaces than a large seafront penthouse.

This way, the two large living rooms become one with each other and create a huge area that stretches from the pilot station to the large aft sunbathing platform, enabling an elegant refined environment where to have a cocktail at sunset or a big party.

It’s a clean linear style what characterizes the design of all the interiors of this yacht.

filippetti sport 55, stairWood essences with delicatefilippetti sport 55, leather details shades match the cream white leather of sofas, the refined parts of furniture and all yacht ceilings.

The result is an extraordinary visual impact. Just a touch of blue with a few furnishing accessories and the yacht can reach unexpected tops of sophistication for a sports boat like this.

Below deck, a large hallway accommodates a L-shaped galley that is able to fully meet guests’ needs. This space gives access to the three cabins envisaged by this version of the Filippetti S55.

filippetti sport 55, galleyThe full-beam Master Cabin uses all the 4.64 meters of width to offer a huge exclusive refined environment. Here, lights, mirrors and windows play with each other to expand the natural borders of this environment that, cleverly designed, finds in this position the ideal place for the owner’s suite.

The VIP Cabin is positioned aft, equipped with a queen-sized bed with two couples of steps on each side that, if on one side they emphasize it, on the other side they facilitate the access.

The night area is filippetti sport 55, master cabincompleted by a double cabin with bunk beds that, positioned next to the galley, can also function as a crew cabin or an additional cabin for children that will certainly fight over the upper bed.

Filippetti Yacht

Filippetti Sport 55 Performance

RPM Knots Lt/h Lt/nm
600 7 12 1.7
1,000 10.5 54 5.1
1,200 11.8 88 7.5
1,400 15.7 112 7.1
1,600 19.8 144 7.3
1,800 24.7 190 7.7
2,000 29.8 231 7.8
2,200 35.8 284 7.9
2,300 38.1 308 8.1
2,380 40.3 333 8.3

Technical Specs

LOA 17.38 m
LH 16.76 m
Waterline Length 12.90 m
Max Width 4.64 m
Construction Material Fiberglass
Hull Planing
Draft (IPS version) 1.60 m
Draft (ASD version) 1.20 m
Displacement (unladen) 24 t
Displacement (fully laden) 28 t
Fuel Tank Capacity 2,700 l
Water Tank Capacity 700 l
Engines IPS: 2 x Volvo Penta IPS 1200
ASD: 2 x MAN V8 1200
Engine Power IPS: 900 hp
ASD: 1200 hp
Propulsion IPS
Arneson Surface Drive
Range IPS: 315 mn
ASD: 270 mn
Top Speed
Cruising Speed IPS: 32 knots
ASD: 40 knots
Generator 1 x 11 kW
Stabilization system Optional
Cabins 3
Toilets 2
Homologation and Category RINA CE-A
Exterior design Filippetti Yacht & Davide Cipriani

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