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Inky’s story has nothing to do with boats but we want to tell it because it’s a beautiful story of freedom and sea love.

Inky is a common octopus from New Zealand, found trapped in a fishing pot by a fisherman in 2014 and brought to the National Aquarium of Napier, in New Zealand. There, Inly was treated – he had many wounds on his tentacles and body – and petted up to become the mascot of the museum. Even his name was chosen after a contest issued by the City Council. But, some days ago, Inky escaped.

inky polpo via di fugaThe staff of the Aquarium found his glass enclosure moved, some water on the floor until a drainpipe which leads directly to the sea. Inky must have managed to move the lid, maybe let opened by someone (an accomplice?) and slide inside a 15-cm-wide tube to reach sea. The force of freedom…

The general manager of the aquarium, Rob Yarrow claims that Inky  was fine in the aquarium and he didn’t feel alone; “maybe he was curious to discover what happens outside. It’s his personality and beyond this, Inky must have some burglar skills: with his size, more or less that one of a rugby ball, it can’t have been easy to slide in a 15-centimetre tube.

The story reminds that one of “Finding Nemo” and, after reading it, you can’t help but root for all fish and marine creatures, less astute and clever than Inky, who dream of escaping their pools and come back to sea. Maybe someone will recognize him: the popular Inky has in fact many tentacles cut due to his first escape attempt, from the fishing pot where he was found.

Picture are taken from the website of the National Aquarium in New Zealand. 

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