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The same hull but with completely different lines. Bénéteau repeats the choice made with Flyer 6 last year, by proposing a boat with the same power of transformation.

The boat is called Flyer 7,7 and it is proposes three different layouts and different engines. At the same time, it maintains the hull of its predecessor and the Airstep2 system, invented by Bénéteau, which creates an air bearing under the hull in order to obtain more stability and littler resistance.

The hull has been tested in all the latest Flyer models: a fore deep V which opens towards the poop for a great shape stability. The natural consequence of this design is a very big and comfortable cockpit.

Bénéteau offers to its customers a great possibility of choice and customization.


In the Sport Deck version, for example, the hull design is very dynamic. Two seats for pilot and co-pilot, a fore sofa and two large sunbathing surfaces.



This way, the sporting soul of the Sportdeck model, emphasized by the low and enveloping windscreen, allows to enjoy comfort and relax once the boat stops. Under the two sunbathing surfaces there is a bathroom.

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The Sundeck model reinvents the sporting layout by maintaining the hull features. On the deck, a vertical windscreen is equipped with lateral handrails, while two adjustable seats permit to drive sat down or stood up and a fore sofa can be converted into a sun bed. The driver’s desk is central.

The bow is accessible through two steps on the left and it is designed as a big relaxing area, with cushions everywhere.


Below the deck, you can have the sensation to be on a bigger boat, especially thanks to the dinette equipped with a small kitchen and two separated toilets.

In the Spacedeck version, Bénéteau has included the same central console than Sundeck and the fore reclinable sofa than Sportdeck but it has renounced to the dinette, one toilet and the kitchen below the deck. A fore big cockpit joins to the astern one through lateral gangways.


So, a versatile boat and an ideal solution for those who love travelling or even fishing.

In addition to the hull, the three layouts have the same engines. You can choose among: only one 300 horsepower engine, a 250 horsepower engine or two 150 horsepower engines. Speed, acceleration and consumption are different. You can reach 34 knots with a 250 horsepower engine or 40 knots with the couple of 150 horsepower engines.

Technical file:

Ft length     7,62 m

Width           2,67 m

Weight                      2.300 kg

Fuel Tank       285 l

Water Tank                   100 l

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