Four Winns H9

Four Winns H9: 30 feet and a unique side platform

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H9_FourWinns-Release30 feet of intelligently designed craftsmanship with meticulous attention to detail, this modular and fully customizable boat is the latest creation from Four Winns. Confirming its top-notch standards in the industry, the H9 stands as the newest model in the refined H series. Boasting a distinctive feature uncommon in boats under 40 feet, the “Ultimate Swim Platform” is a unique electrically-operated side platform that expands the deck’s width, providing additional space for sunbathing, relaxation, and diving—an iconic innovation previously unseen in this category of boats. This makes the H9 a coveted object of desire for all boating enthusiasts.

But the exciting features of Four Winns’ new yacht don’t end here. The H9 also offers the convenience of rear seats with a foldable backrest for an extra relaxation area, along with an electrically foldable tower for water skiing enthusiasts.


The Four Winns H9 in detail

Staying true to the brand’s style, the Four Winns H9 has been designed with great elegance, starting from the high-quality upholstery with soft textures and stainless steel finishes, creating incredibly stylish interiors with extensive customization options.

four winnsAccess to this 30-foot (9.14 meters) yacht is barrier-free and easy, from the cockpit to the bow, offering a unique level surface throughout for extraordinary comfort and safety during both navigation and mooring. The helm station, surrounded by large screens for practical and secure navigation, features numerous compartments for convenient storage while at the helm. It boasts an exceptionally comfortable ergonomic and swiveling seat with foldable armrests. From here, communication with other guests on board is effortless, and reaching the small galley behind is convenient, equipped with everything needed for a meal at sea, including a sink and a foldable counter.

Similarly to previous models in the H series, the H9 showcases an elegantly streamlined hull with elongated proportions, suggesting a smooth and instinctive cruising experience. Lastly, noteworthy is the propulsion, which the manufacturer claims can reach a maximum power of 600 HP.

Four Winns continues to amaze

With the previous four models H1, H2, H4, and H6 launched since 2021, Four Winns had already showcased the extraordinary craftsmanship of its yachts. Now, with this new H9 model, the American shipyard has reached another milestone in elevating the boating experience. After all, we’re talking about a brand with nearly fifty years of history, garnering an excellent international reputation as a producer of refined and sophisticated recreational boats designed to meet diverse needs.

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