Franchini Mia 6.3

Franchini Mia 6.3 : the most beautiful bow in Cannes is by Franchini Yachts

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Franchini Mia 6.3, Massimo FranchiniIt’s an authoritative name what stands behind the new Franchini Mia 6.3. And it’s even more important if we consider it as a part of the recent trend that sees the mutual influence between sail and motor place new models of unquestionable beauty and success on the market.

Massimo Franchini is an absolute pioneer of this contamination.

Already in the 2000s, in fact, Franchini Yachts built two among the most beautiful boats of the time: the Franchini 53 L, an amazing blue water cruiser, and the Emozione 55, probably one of the most sophisticated lobster boats ever built.

It is therefore not difficult to understand our excitement when we had the opportunity to visit the Franchini Yachts’ booth and see the final designs of the Franchini 6.3 Mia which, unveiled in world premiere at Cannes Yachting Festival, is scheduled to be launched by the end of this year.

Franchini Mia 6.3

Massimo Franchini masterfully sketches the outlines of this pure amazing open boat that is innovative and concrete at the same time, as usual for all the designs bearing his name.

If, in fact, Franchini Mia 6.3, navigationthe beauty of this big runabout is captivating, the overall balance of this project definitively bewitches. Moreover, a prismatic coefficient that leaves no room for interpretation unequivocally preludes to excellent seaworthiness features that are essential to obtain a safe, dry and comfortable sailing experience.

Clean and curved lines develop from an astonishing bow and run without interruption until the stern, tracing the boundaries of an exclusive, refined, unique ambience.

And “unique” seems to be the most suitable adjective to define the Franchini Mia 6.3, a boat that manages to be beautiful without looking like any other boat.

Franchini Mia 6.3, aerial viewUndoubtedly unique is the bow, certainly the most beautiful one of the Cannes Yachting Festival and the only one to combine the distinctive design of a beautiful reverse bow with the seaworthiness of a traditional one for extraordinary stability at sea.

The bow is harmoniously joined with the deck, by evoking the typical design of a classic speedster and tracing the boundaries of a Portuguese deck that, in terms of shape and dimensions, has nothing to envy to a superyacht’s one.

The result is a walk-around deck surface where passengers can easily move from the bow to the stern in total comfort.

The owner can Franchini Mia 6.3, main deckchoose between different versions and customize the Franchini Mia 6.3 according to his personal needs, as befits a true semi-custom concept.

The boat is available in three versions: Open, T-Top and Hard Top that, added to the numerous interior layout options available ( from two to four cabins, with or without crew cabins), develop many configurations, all designed to best carter to owners’ needs.

The construction technique, too, is high-level. Both the hull and the deck are vacuum-sealed with epoxy resin and, thanks to a special Franchini patented method and the use of nanotechnologies, result into a sturdy lightweight structure that guarantees excellent soundproofing on board.

Franchini Mia 6.3 under wayEven the hull design is noteworthy. Waterlines, in fact, have been designed by the well-known naval architect Roberto Prevel thanks to Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) calculations.

Moreover, the hull is designed to accommodate the IPS engines that, combined with next-gen steering joysticks, deliver excellent performance and extraordinarily easy handling at sea.

In conclusion, the Franchini 6.3 Mia is a really special open boat. We’re looking forward to testing her.

Franchini Yachts

Franchini 6.3 Mia , Hard Top version

LOA 19.20 m
Hull length 18.20 m
Max Beam 5.24 m
Draft 1.40 m
Fresh Water Capacity 1,000 l
Black Water Capacity 400 l
Fuel Capacity 3,000 l
Engines VOLVO IPS 800 / 950
Unladen Displacement 23,000 Kg
Laden Displacement 29,000 Kg
Top speed (IPS 800) 30 knots
Cruising speed (IPS 800) 23 knots
Top speed (IPS 950) 33 knots
Cruising speed (IPS 950) 26 knots

Franchini Mia 6.3, bow loungeFranchini Mia 6.3, stern

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