Franchini Mia 63 Sea trial
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Franchini Mia 63 Sea Trial

The Franchini Mia 63 T-Top by Franchini Yachts is a 20-meter yacht Franchini Mia 63 Sea trial elegancecompletely different from anything we’re used to see.

Massimo Franchini has designed a one-of-a-kind yacht which, while blatantly winking at Dolce Vita runabouts, is modern and revolutionary. A striking example of this is the deck plan, which combines the typical liveability and functionality of a small super yacht with the sporty lines of a speedster.

It’s a malicious, intriguing and inevitably charming boat which, built in a limited and exclusive series, is intended to satisfy the taste of only few and highly demanding owners who will understand its positioning, falling in love with it at first sight.

Offered for sale for more than two million euros, which however is not an exaggerate price for a boat built around its owners’ needs, the Franchini Mia 63 is a yacht which, to be fully understood and appreciated, must be tested and experienced on board.

And this is exactly what we did when, for two days, we tested her in the waters of the Conero during the making of the following wonderful video which, better than any other word, synthesizes on the one hand the art and creativity of Massimo Franchini; on the other hand, the exclusivity of the means, the sea trial of which is what we’re about to tell you.

Franchini Mia 63 Sea Trial

It’s only by taking the helm of the Mia 63 that you can Franchini Mia 63 Sea trial, mooringperceive her size. It’s a really large boat. Fortunately, howevr, the helm station is well-positioned and with a good view, both forward and aft.

The boat is moored alongside the quay, the wind, as expected, pushes us against the dock but, fortunately, the IPS joystick steering system helps us to go out of the berth easily. Manoeuvrability is a very important thing on a 20-meter yacht which, moreover, has an overall displacement of almost 30 tons.

Out of the port, the wind is blowing at at least 20 knots, the sea is made white by the foaming crests of these waves, that, steep and insidious, would put more than one boat in trouble. But the Franchini Mia 63 sails quietly at 8.5 knots, simply ignoring them.

Franchini-Mia-63The hull, specially designed by Roberto Prever to adapt to IPS, proves to be very stable even at displacement speeds, which is a very important quality when you want to sail quietly, admiring the landscape without being “bashed around” by the waves.

Speeding up, what is surprising is the almost total absence of vibrations and the propensity of the yacht to sail at any speed. Indeed, there is no real surfing limit, this hull simply accelerates in a progressive way, without never changing its trim. If we really wanted to be finicky, we could say that the minimum surfing limit is between 11 and 12 knots but, I assure you, the boundary is really blurred.

This feature is another great quality since it allows to adapt navigation to both weather and sea conditions or, more simply, to adapt the cruising speed to your specific needs.

Franchini-Mia lighting

The model we’re testing is powered by the least powerful engine option available, that is two Volvo IPS 950, 725HP each. This power is well-proportioned to this boat. Accelerating, in fact, we quickly reach a cruising speed of 20/22 knots which, despite this rough sea, delivers a great comfort on board. The bow cuts through the waves gently, without any shocks.

Franchini Mia sternFranchini Mia 63 navigation

At this speed, I try some turns that the Franchini Mia 63 performs with extreme precision. I counter-turn and see that, despite its dimensions and IPS system, this yacht is also definitively responsive. Intrigued, I tighten the turn radius to the limit and, again, the Mia draws a perfect circle in the water. I take my hands off the rudder and the boat continues on its trajectory, always with extreme precision.

I return to sailing in Franchini Mia 63 at seaa straight line and push the throttles forward. According to the manufacturer, the boat is able to reach a top speed of 28 knots. Indeed, at around 2,500 rpm, I reach it without problem. Then, however, I adjust the trim and the Franchini Mia 63 gives me a fleeting moment where, at 2,760 rpm, the GPS passes the threshold of 30 knots, and then settles steadily at 29.8.

Sure, the sea is rough, on a flat one we would certainly have done a little more but, again, I’m stunned by these data which, with just 1,450 HP and the boat with full tank and many passengers on board, are a really great result.

As for fuel consumption, the boat sails between 6 and 8 l/nm which, considering what has just been written and the almost 30 tons of displacement, are another irrefutable sign of an extraordinary hull.

Franchini Mia 63 top view

How the Franchini Mia 63 is made

The construction is of the highest levels, both in terms of materials used and building quality. Sure, this is the hull number 1, launched just two weeks ago, but the possible adjustments requirement are very few. The attention with which the construction has been carried out is definitively obsessive.

Franchini Mia 63 cockpitFranchini Mia 63 kitchen unit

The deck plan is a masterpiece that enhances the pleasure of enjoying the summer on board a one-of-a-king work. You only have to look around to realize that you are surrounded by a large number of custom items, such as the kitchen unit which, made in fine wood, captures the passengers’ attention, reiterating the very high level of design of this boat. Just as it is almost impossible not to be dazzled by the cockpit seats which, specifically designed by Massimo Franchini for this boat, are an invitation to admire them for hours, side-by-side and raised, designed not to lose even a degree of the magnificent view which can be enjoyed while sailing in the Conero.

Franchini Mia 63 bow sunpadFranchini Mia 63 dinette

The numerous relax areas and sun pads, both forward and aft, create versatile environments capable of perfectly adapting to your needs. Passengers can therefore enjoy an elegant cocktail, have a lunch under the T-Top, around a wonderful table, or admire the surrounding landscape for a unique sensorial experience.

Franchini Mia 63 t-topFranchini Mia 63 table

Below deck, the sleeping area consists of three cabins.

The Master Suite is full-beam and is an authentic masterpiece of space management. We are is welcomed by a hall which, equipped with a sofa, overlooks the cabin, returnign a complete view of it. Going down two steps, the king-sized bed is surrounded by a large walkway that starts from two large side bedside tables and culminates at the foot of the bed, where a delightful boiserie is placed. This other masterpiece of craftsmanship defines the presence of the walk-in closet which is placed behind it and which offers the owner, given the unusual capacity of stowage, the possibility of never having to argue with his wife for the amount of things she will want to bring on board.

Franchini Mia 63 master cabinFranchini Mia 63 master cabin desk

Continuing the exploration of the 27/28 square meters (a studio apartment in practice) of the master suite, we finally get the owner’s bathroom. Here, a large washbasin in the middle separates the (huge) shower box from the toilet. This environment is elegantly furnished, with crystal details and mirrors which naturally extend the boundaries further beyond they physical limit.

Franchini Mia 63 VIP cabinFranchini Mia 63 master bathroom

Positioned on the bowdeck, the VIP Cabin, a little smaller than the master suite, amazes with a surface of 16 square meters anyway. On the starboard side, the guest cabin is twin-bedded, with a large walkway in the middle.

However, what is most striking in very single environment is the perception of luxury and quality which, undoubtedly, confirms the very high level of this boat which is always exclusive and sophitistaced, both inside and outside.


RPM Speed in knots Overall Fuel Consumption (l/h) L/nm
600 5.8 8.7 1.50
800 7.3 14 1.92
1,000 9.1 23 2.53
1,200 10.5 42 4.00
1,400 11.7 63 5.38
1,600 13.8 90 6.52
1,800 16.7 115 6.89
2,000 20.0 148 7.40
2,200 22.5 182 8.09
2,500 27.3 230 8.42
2,760 30.1 270 8.97

Franchini Mia 63 Technical Specs

LOA 19.20 m (63 ft)
LH 18.20 m (60 ft)
Max beam 5.24 m
Draft 1.40 m
Fresh water 1,000 l
Waste water 400 l
Fuel 3,000 l
Engines VOLVO IPS 950
Unladen Displacement 21,000 Kg
Laden Displacement 27,000 Kg

Franchini Mia 63 relax area

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