Frauscher 1017 GT
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If it’s true that our job is to collect objective data from a boat sea trial, it’s equally true that the context where the text takes place contributes to create the variety of emotions everyone looks for at sea. Testing the new Frauscher 1017 GT in Miami and reaching over 50 knots on the ocean with Florida in the background now forces us to make an additional effort to use our brain instead of heart and register the technical parameters of this amazing creature produced by the Austrian yard.

Fast, stable and reactive, the Frauscher 1017 GT sails these waters in its American version, different from the European one for its electric system (330 V in USA) and the use of catalizers which “soften” a little the power of the two Mercruiser 430 HP engines of the boat we tested.

We tested the boat at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, the world’s largest boat show which, with a total area of 278,000 square metres, offers the opportunity to see the most beautiful boats in the worldwide market.MIami Nautique Frauscher

In early morning, we reach the seat of Miami Nautique International, the Frauscher dealer in USA and South America and we meet Miguel Maraña, the head of the centre, who welcomes us with the typical Latin warmth which makes us feel like at home and ready to plan our sea trial.

Weather conditions are not the best: with a 15/20-knot wind and an ocean wave generated by the heavy showers of the previous days, we choose to sail in the “internal” waters between Miami and Miami Beach and the related river channels; the result is a fetch sufficient to create annoying waves able to vary according to the navigation area.

After a quick breef with photographers, video operators and tender, we get in the car with Miguel who drives us to a residential area where we find our Frauscher 1017 GT “moored”  opposite a wonderful villa equipped with a direct access to the canal. To tell the truth, the boat is placed on a “lift”, an ingenious system which raises the boat over the waterline with four poles well secured to the soil. This way, the boat needs no anti-fouling paint and suffers no waves.frauscher 1017 sollevato

So, amongst channels and popular actors’ villas, we start our Frauscher 1017 GT sea trial.

Super Air Nautique G25

The boat

The 1017 GT is a boat which perfectly combines vintage lines with a contemporary elegant design. It’s no coincidence, in fact, that the yard defines this boat a “gentlemen racer”. With a pronounced right ahead, the bottom has a double step and a very deep V running to the stern with a 23-degree deadrise, which promises an excellent stability.

The deck is a small masterpiece of design and functionality. From the astern bathing platform, a comfortable teak gangway leads to two astern sunbathing surfaces with no juggling while ensuring an easy access to the cockpit. The latter houses two large seats and two smaller ones reserved for the captain and the second pilot, all comfortable and safe, as requested by a boat able to reach over 50 knots. From the windscreen to the bow, an expanse of refined teak, only interrupted by two portholes, confirms the elegance of the boat.

The cabin is incredibly large, considering that we are on a motorboat. The dinette below deck is convertible and offers a comfortable berth for two people while the kitchenette and the bathroom, equipped with a shower box, makes the boat an ideal means for short cruises, too.Frauscher 1017 GT Miami

The 1017 GT can be pushed by two 300 hp motors or, like in our case, two Mercruiser 430 HP engines.


Sea trial

Just off the area where boats are not allowed to surf, we throttle up and the Frauscher immediately speeds up. With this motorization, the feeeling is like driving a missile. We start surfing in less than 4 seconds. In this area, sea is rough but the bottom doesn’t crush into the wave but ploughs through it gently. We let the boat sail at about 35 knots (3,500 revolutions) and then we start our maneuvers: tight turns, accelerations and decelerations can’t compromise the stability of this boat.

Frauscher 1017 GT prova in mare, we try to speed up a little more: at 42-43 knots, the “gentlemen racer” seems to run on the tracks and it doesn’t get disturbed even when we suddenly turns.

Then, we get a well-sheltered area, where we decide to test the maximum speed, 53.3 knots ,that we reach in about 30 seconds: this boat speeds up and bends like a racing moto! Just to be clear: at 35 knots, if we throttle up, the opposite push we feel is impressive, almost as if we start from the minimum speed. The European version, with no catalyzers, might sail at 4-5 knots more.

But it’s the time for us to slow down since we have to take some photos with a drone and the photographer doesn’t manage to follow us: we are too fast.

Frauscher 1017 GT  – Performances

Revolutions/min Spped/knots Consumption lt/h
minimum 3.6
1,000 5.4 13.0
1,500 7.4 18.2
2,000 11.5 21.6
2,500 21.0 35.0
3,000 29.1 48.6
3,500 35.8 69.9
4,000 39.9 89.6
4,500 47,0 129.3
5,000 5..3 142.0

Minimum surfing speed: 11.2 knots. Sea trial conditions: wind: 15/25 knots; sea: little rough/rough; liquid loads: 90; passengers: 3


Technical Data

 Length 9.99 m
Width 2.99 m
 Draught 0.80 m
 Weight  3,900 kg
 Passengers Capacity  12
 Maximum Power  2 x 430 Mercruiser
 Total Power  860 Hp
 Transmission  EFB
 Fuel capacity  520 l
 Water Capacity  72 l
 Project  Frauscher Bootswerft
 Manufacturer  Frauscher Bootswerft
 Hull construction  laminated fiberglass with isophthalic resin
 Deck construction  fiberglass sandwich with balsa core
 Price (American market)  347,000 USD

Importer for USA and South America:
Frauscher America – 3910 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL,
33127 –
Italian importer : Cantiere Nautico Feltrinelli – Gargnano sul Garda(BS) – tel. 0365.71240 –



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