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Undoubtely, the latest Fraucher’s creation is brave. A 14-metre-long open boat with strong original lines. An amazing boat. Demon is extreme and, let us say it, beautiful. In a period when innovation and the envy to dare seem to belong exclusively to megayachts, so much innovation on a not exaggerated boat astonishes a lot and it’s a pleasure for eyes.

Demon is also the new flagship in the shipyard of Gmunden, Austria. It’s the biggest boat of a very large range and it represents a definitive successful step from freshwater world to sea. This extreme boat is not for anyone; first of all, because of its price (from 760,000 Euros) but also because of its general philosophy: very strong external lines, only one cabin, revolutionary interiors. So, a boat for advanced shipowners and for all those who want to show off.

Below deck

We had already told you how much we had appreciated its interiors when we had seen Demon for the first time, at the Boat Show of Dusseldorf. This time, we have had the opportunity to see and touch them with calm. We have also had a nice chat with Gerard Kiska, of Kiska Studio, a reality with 170 workers, well consolidated in moto and cars world (see KTM and Audi).1414 Demon interior (2)

The design work has been something extraordinary, especially on this category of boats. On one hand, it has concerned accuracy, attention to the detail, the “organic view” of the project and the balance between interiors and exteriors. On the other hand, it has meant originality. “The asymmetric plant, the choice of a diagonal stepladder open an extended perspective to the person who goes below deck – said Gerard Kiska – and the sensation is to be in a larger hull”.

This sensation is true and it is amplified by the fact that the cabin is hidden on the poop, and the entire living zone: lunch table, sofa (convertible into another double berth) and kitchen form a unique big open-space. Moreover, the choice to build the bulkheads towards the bathroom  and the cabin itself in a semi-transparent 1414 Demon interior (1)material   contributes to increase volumes visually and it recalls a very contemporary elegant design, really good for Demon. The cabin, even if it has been located under the cockpit, is rather high: 217 cm at the entrance and 110 cm above the bed.




Another singular feature of this boat is the total absence of lateral windows. This is possibile thanks to the presence of a long series of skylights running on the deck and providing a lot of light and the choice of very clear colours in the interiors. After all, there aren’t any real bulkheads cutting interiors.

Gerzer has separated interiors from exteriors very well: the first ones are a good luxurious shelter, while the second ones  have a direct contact with sea (without any superstructures and windward rails).1414 Demon bed-bathroom view


The deck

Here, too, there’s a lot of freedom and innovation. We have particularly liked the astern triangular table, with flippable shutters and original glass-holders (see photo); the flip-open sliding anchor line, the extreme beautiful functional dashboard, IMG_2681design anywhere and poop design, with a 75-cm-wide dashboard and an Opac stepladder to get off on the dock or in the sea. Gangways are rather large (37 cm) and the three steppers which lead to the bow are very comfortable. However, the passage to the bow is to do with a lot of caution, since there aren’t any windward rails there.

IMG_2692All in all, circulation is good: the boat is an ideal place for floating parties. The astern sunbathing platform is big enough: 190 x 200 cm.


Sea Trial

Beatiful and brave, Demon sails very well, too. Frauscher’s hulls are already well known for their quality and they don’t need further tests. But Demon represents a real step forward for the shipyard of Gmunden and not only in terms of sizes. It represents the definitive take-off to the sea for a brand which was born on lakes. We tested it in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, at Port Adriano – Palma di Maiorca, in a day with very rough sea.

Our engines were two Volvo Penta D6 400 HP .

Our first sensation? Pure fun. The second one? Softness. Demon incites to speed up and its hull allows it ( the style, always reliable, is by Harry Miedbauer Studio). In a rather difficult day, we had a lot of fun thanks to a very dry boat which walks on waves with great indifference and which goes from displacement to gliding (and vice versa) in a very imperceptible way.

Another point for Demon is its handling and the relative feeling at the rudder. Fast, brilliant but not nervous. We also liked how it acts in a turning whilst: bow doesn’t never go below. The pilot seat is excellent and all tools are easy to read. Sore point, on the contrary, the windscreen: it’s very beautiful and elegant but too dark and with an inclination which doesn’t allow to see forward very well. It deserves a change.

In terms of numbers, we had a maximum speed of 35.7 knots (even though we have sailed on a rough sea), while cheap cruising speed was about 22 knots with a good consumption, about 70 litres/hour. If you sail at 27 knots, consumption is about 100 litres/hour. Finally, inner silenceness: 76 dbA at the maximum speed, only 72 at cruising speed.



Demon 1414 – Technical File

Overall length 13-90 m
Maximum beam 3.90 m
Displacement about 10.000 kg
Draught1.1 m / 0.8 m
Sea trial engines: 2 x diesel Volvo Penta D6 400 HP, EFB

Compatible engines: 2 x Mercruiser 8.2 MAG 430 HP, 2 x Mercruiser Racing 8.6 DTS 520 HP

Fuel Tank 1,200 l
Water tank 107 l
Sewage Tank 95 l
People 12
Design KISKA, Gerard Kiska
Project Harry Miesbauer

Development Thomas Gerzer
Basic price: Euros 761,280, VAT exluced (with 2 x 2 x Mercruiser 430 HP engines)
Italian Importer : Cantiere Nautico Feltrinelli Via della Libertà, 59, – Gargnano de Garda (BS), tel +39 036571240,,

Demon 1414 – Numbers

revolutions/min speed (knots)  Consumption


600 1,2 1,2
1000 6,1 6,4
1500 9,4 24
2000 15,2 60
2500 22,8 78
3000 31,1 112
3500 35,7 152

Sea trial conditions: rough sea, 4 people, 85% fuel tank, 100% water tank. Minimum gliding speed: 19 knots, Gliding time: 8”

1414 Demon_in action (12)1414 Demon_in action (8)


1414 Demon bedroom




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