Giovanni Besenzoni

The nautical world mourns the death of Giovanni Besenzoni. A nautical pioneer passes away

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Giovanni Besenzoni, founder ad president of Besenzoni Spa, passed away on August 11st 2019 in his beloved home town of Sarnico after a short illness. He was 77 years old.

His strong Besenzonientrepreneurial business and pioneering technical intuitions brought the company bringing his name to worldwide success. A forward-thinking and innovative businessman, he founded Besenzoni SpA in 1967. Today, the company is a global leader in the manufacture and distribution of marine accessories. With over 100 employees and 7 production sites in the area of Sarnico, Besenzoni has been serving and assisting its clients in 90 different countries for over 50 years thanks to a widespread commercial network, qualifying as one of the flagship companies of the Made in Italy branding and philosophy.

” To manufacture high-quality and technologically advanced marine products with distinctive design, which can be produced on an industrial scale or tailored for each customer. Permanently supported by overall assistance, anytime and anywhere”. This is the philosophy behind his company that continues today under his children, Giorgio and Fiorella.

Giovanni BesenzoniAwarded as Nautical Pioneer in 2008, Giovanni Besenzoni is part of the closed circle of names that brought strong innovation to the nautical world over years. His inventions are countless, from the stern platform introduced in the ’70s, the hydraulic gangways with remote control 10 years later to the high-tech helm seats which were winners of prestigious international awards.

” The heart of what, from a small company, has become a consolidated industrial reality is always the same: the man and his craftsmanship”, Giovanni Besenzoni liked to say.

A brilliant and generous man, much loved by his collaborators and strongly tied to his territory, Giovanni has always had a keen sensitivity towards the less fortunate that he actively helped with charity actions, discreetly, without ever boasting about it.

Giovanni Besenzoni leaves his wife Antonietta, their two daughters, Alessandra and Fiorella, and their son Giorgio, the CEO of Besenzoni.

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