Greenline Yachts, behind the scenes of an innovative boatyard

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Designing perfect boats means having scrupulous boatyards at the back, where nothing is left to chance. They know this well at Greenline Yachts, the Slovenian boat builder that has revolutionized the boating world with the Greenline 40 Electric, the solar-powered and zero-environmental impact boat that has also won acclaim for its comfort: being on board is not like being on a yacht, but in a real floating house with all the comforts we are used to in our homes. Becoming the pioneers who have changed the standards of “responsible yachting” and selling 80 yachts a year, as Greenline has done, is by no means a matter of luck, but is the result of a combination of a number of elements: firstly, the intuition of a visionary like Vladimir Zinchenko, the founder of Greenline Yachts whom we interviewed recently; and secondly, an efficient, specialized, innovative boatyard with a team of people who take care of every single aspect of the birth of a new boat.

Greenline Yachts’ headquarters in Begunje, Slovenia

Founded in 2008, the Greenline Yachts shipyard is located in Begunje, Slovenia, and stands out for its design and production technique that is entirely focused on environmental sustainability, using shrewdness such as the use of renewable energy sources, the choice of innovative eco-friendly fabrics such as PET foam padding, and above all vacuum infusion moulding, a technology that, compared to traditional manual lamination, guarantees important advantages such as resin savings and greater durability and resistance of the material.

The building process behind a Greenline Yachts craft starts with the design, with a team of engineers and designers meticulously studying every detail to create a safe, comfortable and elegant boat; it continues with the prototyping phase that uses some of the world’s most advanced technology. Then, when it comes time to actually build the boat, a team of workers with expert craftsmanship takes care of it, drawing on the centuries-old local Slovenian tradition of hull construction.

Greenline 40 Electric
Greenline 40 Electric

As far as customization is concerned, the doors are always open for customers at the Greenline Yachts shipyard: before the construction of his boat, the owner has the opportunity to choose the materials and finishes he prefers, as well as to follow the production process step by step, especially in terms of the choice of furnishings and materials that can be used, which are displayed in a special showroom. Last but not least, the innovative aspect of the yard is the testing phase: each Greenline yacht is tested in the waters of Marina Portorož – where Greenline owns a jetty – before being delivered to its future owner, in order to ensure that the final product is 100% perfect.

While others are still in the process of designing or prototyping eco-friendly motor yachts, Greenline is now the only shipyard in the world that produces and sells both hybrid (H-Drive) and fully electric (E-Drive) yachts. In short, it is a company that is many steps ahead of the competition and will continue to lead the industry into the future thanks to its mission to promote responsible and sustainable yachting.

More information on the Greenline Yachts shipyard can be found on the official website:

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