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Guide to Cannes Yachting Festival 201

One among the main Port Canto Cannesnovelties at Cannes Yachting Festival 2019 is undoubtedly the division between motorboats and sailboats. The Vieux Port, the historic seat of the boat show, will be exclusively dedicated to motor yachts and the theme of luxury will be dominant while Port Canto, linked by various shuttle services, will house only sailboats and multihulls.

Wandering among the numerous novelties and the boats exhibited will ne not easy. This is why we have decided to give you our personal selection of the most interesting entries, divided by boat show and boat type.

Motorboats – Vieux Port


Absolute Yachts confirms itself as one among the most prolific shipyards of the market. The Italian shipyard, in fact, will join the French event with 11 boats, including two world premieres. The Absolute 47 Fly and the Absolute Navetta 68, indeed, are two absolutely new boats that, together with the Absolute 62 Fly, bring to 3 the number of models presented by the shipyard in 2019.

Among the boats on display, the Absolute Navetta 52 and the Absolute Navetta 58 are completely renovated in their spaces and fittings, enhanced by cutting-edge technological solutions.

Absolute Navetta 68

Absolute Navetta 68Silent and easy to steer, this boat guarantees excellent performance at both planing and displacement speed with a constant high comfort level on board.

We tested her in preview: to cover miles, even at economic speed, will be easy and exciting with this yacht.

Absolute 47 FlyAbsolute 47 Fly

The new “entry level” boat of the Italian shipyard offers great habitability. The interiors include three large cabins and two spacious bathrooms. The living area is bright and the dinette can accommodate up to 8 people.

Power comes from Volvo Penta  IPS 650 engines.

Vieux Port, booth PAN059 – PAN215.


Bali 4.3The new Bali 4.3 MY is more than an alternative to conventional motorboats since her spaces are twice wider than those of a yacht with the same length. The boat features a walkable surface of over 100 square meters which, for a 13-meter boat, are really many!

The dinette of the Bali 4.3 MY is a large open space with a tilting hatch that, controllable by a remote control, puts the interiors in direct contact with the sea.

Quai Max Laubeuf – Vieux Port, booth QML038, QML174.

BENETTIBenetti Delfino 95

The Italian shipyard never stops: after the recent delivery of three superyachts, Benetti is now ready to start the new nautical season with the Cannes Yachting Festival.

Benetti will exhibit three yachts of the Class category: the seventh unit of the Delfino 95, the megayacht Aslan, a 29-meter displacement yacht, the Bangadang, the eighth unit of the Fast 125 (38.1 m) and the megayacht Botti, the third unit of the Mediterraneo 116.

Vieux Port – Super Yachts Extension


Pardo Yachts joins the Cannes Yachting Festival with an interesting world premiere: the Pardo 38.

This is the smaller sister of the blockbuster of the range, the Pardo 43. Featuring sinuous elegant lines, this open, as the other boats of the range, is powered by excellent Volvo IPS engines.

Quai Max Laubeuf, Quai Saint Pierre – Vieux Port, booth QML045, QSP030, QSP155

MAGAZZU’Magazzù MX-14

The Cannes Yachting Festival is the occasion for the shipyard of Palermo to unveil two restyled iconic models: the MX-11 Coupé and the MX-14 Classic. Both models have been skillfully renovated in compliance with the classic elegant lines that have always characterized the brand. The shipyard will also exhibit the MX-13 Coupé that, together with the MX-11 Coupé, can be admired and sea trialed.

Port Vieux, PAN 036


Three models of the new Monte Carlo Yachts Vision series will be put on display in Cannes: MCY 70, MCY 66 and MCY 76.

Visitors can also admire the MCY 80 and the flagship of the fleet, the MCY 105.

All the boats of the range, which goes from 20 to 32 meters, are designed by the prestigious Nuvolari Lenard design studio, as a further proof of the attention to details that has always distinguished the Italian boat manufacturer.

Vieux Port, booth JETEE015 – JETEE187

OCEAN ALEXANDEROcean Alexander 90D

European debut for the Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence and the Ocean Alexander 90 Revolution.

During the event, visitors can climb on board the Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence, a unique boat, and the Ocean Alexander 90 R, a superyacht with an extremely particular and modenr interior design.

Both boats are designed by the well-known Evan K. Marshall’s studio.

Vieux Port, booth QML028, SYE031, SYE212

Sailboats – Port Canto


The French group led by Oliveir Poncin will exhibit four sailing catamarans: the Catana 53, the Bali 5.4, the Bali 4.3 and the Bali 4.1

The Bali 5.4 is a big boat: with an overall length of 16.8 meters, she is a true penthouse on the sea.

With hundreds of units sold in the last few years, this range is significantly successful.

Sail Multi – Port Canto, booth SAIL 015, SAIL015


World premiere for the Grand Soleil 42new Grand Soleil 42LC, a boat designed for long-range cruising and capable of offering great comfort on board.

The new GS 42LC will be available in two versions. The first, equipped with rollbar, offers large volumes in the cockpit while the second one, without rollbar, is more attentive to sailing performance.

Moreover, Cantiere del Pardo joins the Cannes Yachting Festival with the GS 46LC, the GS 48, the GS 58 and the flagship of the fleet: il GS 80 Custom.


Privilege will exhibit two sailing catamarans at the Cannes Yachting Festival: the Privilege 5 and the Privilege 6.

The Privilege 5 is the first 15.24 meter sailing catamaran equipped with a full-size master cabin positioned in the central part of the boat: the interiors are bright and decorated with high-quality materials.

The Privilege 6, instead, is equipped with a 180-squaree-meter living area and a wide flybridge. Two helm stations offer a complete view of the sea, both positioned opposite the flybridge lounge.

Sail Multi – Port Canto, booth SAIL045


Amel Yachts unveils a world premiere in Cannes: the new Amel 60.

The successor of the Amel 50 (2017), the new Amel 60 is presented to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the shipyard.

Amel 60 is a sailboat with an overall lengnth of 19 meters, a sloop and three double cabins.

As the other boats of the shipyard, she is sailboat designed for pure cruising and is completely automated.

Sail Mono – Port Canto, booth SAIL 169 – SAIL169


All the Contest Yachts we have tested proved to be wonderful boats.

Tutti i Contest Yachts che abbiamo provato si sono rivelati delle vere e proprie imbarcazioni da favola.

This year, the shipyard gets Cannes with the Contest 72 CS, an elegant blue water cruiser that, following the perfection of her predecessors, demonstrates that these boats are among the best ones in the world.

The Contest 72 CS enters the range between the 67 CS and the 85 CS; she features an overall length of 21.8 meters and a maximum beam of 5.7 meters.

Thanks to special position of the wheelhouses and the long corridor that link them to the cockpit, passengers can enjoy their (fast) cruising experience without having to be bothered by the maneuvers.

Sail Mono – Port Canto, booth SAIL152


Dehlerhas accostumed us to fast racers and comfortable cruisers. With the new Dehler 30 OD, the new One Design model of the range, the German shipyard wants to establish itself even in the monohull sector.

Fitted with a 200-liter ballast, a double wheel for top control, the 30 OD will be the ideal sailboat to enjoy your race with your partner.

Sail Mono – Port Canto, booth SAIL208

Elan 45.1 ImpressionELAN YACHTS

The Slovenian shipyard joins the Cannes Yachting Festival with two boats: the Elan Impression 45.1 and the Elan E5 .

The Elan Impression 45.1 is a world premiere but we already tested her some months ago.

The Elan E5, instead, is a fast and comfortable sailboat. Equipped with a retractile carbon fiber bowsprit and adjustable backstay, she can meets the needs of the most demanding owners.

Sail Mono – Port Canto, booth SAIL134


Aluminium beats carbon 3-0.

If, when talking about aluminium sailboats, your mind tends to evoke pictures of slow heavy boats characterized by sharp-cornered unpretty lines, this boat make you change your mind.

The Gulliver 57, indeed, has an aggressive extraordinary design combined with an innovative sail area and amazing performance.

The interior layout is highly appealing, with an enormous open space in the stern equipped with a dinette, some berths, a pivoting table and the access to all on-boar systems.

Gulliver 57 PerformanceThe retractable keel reduces draft from 3.5 to 1.7 meters, facilitating the access to both ports and anchorages and improving performance.

Featuring high-quality materials, the Gulliver 57 is a true ” fast blue water cruiser”.

Port Canto, booth Sail 120


Hanse Yachts unveils the new Hanse 458 and Hanse 508.

As usual, both boats are issued from a collaboration with the well-known udel/Vrolijk & co design studio, famous for the design of very fast boats.

It will therefore be interesting to find out whether these two new sailboats will meet the shipyard’s high living standards and will also offer good performance at the same time.

In Cannes, visitors can also admire the Hanse 348, the Hanse 418, the Hanse 558 and the flagship, the Hanse 675 .

Port Canto, booth SAIL 209 – SAIL209

Swan 48Nautor Swan

More than 40 years after the creation of the first iconic Swan 48 which, designed by Sparkman & Stephens, has literally written a piece of sailing history, Nautor’s Swan presents the new Swan 48 at Cannes: a blue water cruiser destined for fast cruising.

Conceived as an ocean cruising boat, the Swan 48 shows great attention to performance.

An important return, which we are looking forward to seeing live.

Port Canto, booth Sail 156


AMARE GROUPAmare Group Vanity

Research and innovation are the key words to understand the Amare reality.

In Cannes, the company, leader of high-quality marine accessories, will exhibit the tender lift Charon, the famous gangway Vanity and the whole range of portholes and windows, including the revolutionary Infinity range.

A not-to-be-missed visit for the lovers of quality and design.

Port Vieux, booth PAN360


Besenzoni gets the Cannes Yachting Festival with two world premieres: the rotating ladder SP 600 G and the helm seat P 338 Infinity Elegance.

SP 600 Gis a rotating automated ladder with gangway function.

Infinity Elegance, instead, is a helm seat that features an attractive modern design with simple elegant lines that combine harmoniously with the aesthetic solutions adopted on the various modern boats. Features such as the ergonomic seat bottom, the angle of the seat back and the adjustable foot rest are guaranteed to provide absolute comfort.


At the Cannes Yachting Festival 2019, Quick Spa, the leader of marine accessories, introduces in world premiere QNN – Quick Nautical Network, an innovative gateway that, for the first time in the nautical field, allows to integrate Quick systems with all new generation chartplotters currently available on the market.

The company will also exhibit the whole range of Made in Italy marine accessories that have made this multinational company well-known and popular all around the world.

Vieux Port, booth PAN359.


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