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Guidi on “active” standby: the company works remotely

Guidi on “active” standby: the brand of marine accessories opts for smart working

To keep the mode on when everything is off. To stop without standing still. Guidi Srl, the Italian company specialized in the manufacture of marine accessories, adapts to the lockdown extended by the Italian government until May 3 and involving all the production sectors which are considered non-essential.

However, what Guidi team on standbythe Italian company is experiencing is not a total lockdown: in this period of full emergency and rigorous restrictions, if on the one hand no one of the Guidi employees goes to the office because all the tasks strictly related to the warehouse and the production have been interrupted, on the other the staff working in the offices (foreign and domestic sales, administration, purchasing and technical office) has been promptly equipped with special IT supports to continue working remotely.

The choice aims to keep alive the contact with customers, suppliers and collaborators and is legitimized by the fact that the company, through its distributors, operates all over the world, including the areas where the Covid-19 pandemic has not forced the activities to stop.

A world-class Made in Italy

Guidi valvesMoreover, the company has proceeded with the complete sanitization of its internal spaces which, before the spread of Coronavirus, was also starting to expand thanks to a recently launched project of significant expansion of the production site.

Guidi Srl is a Made in Italy brand which has been operating in the boating sector for over half a century, producing bronze, brass, chrome, nickel and aluminum accessories, anti-block valves, seacocks, drains, water purification filters and fittings.

The center of Guidi’s teamwork is the relationship of trust with its own collaborators and the whole territory where it works. That’s why, in such a emotionally delicate period, the full involvement of employees has also been extended to their children.

In fact, a row of colorful drawings specially made by the children for both the school and the company has been hung on the entrance gate, focused on the leitmotiv “Everything will be fine“, waiting to go back to the normal.

Guidi production siteGuidi Srl on standby drawning

Guidi on standby with a look to the future

Bruno Guidi
Bruno Guidi, founder of Guidi Srl

“The moment is certainly very difficult, we don’t remember anything something in over 50 years of history – explains the founder Bruno Guidi together with his sons Daniele and Alessandro – That of 2008 was a mainly financial crisis, while here we are faced with a phenomenon that is global again but completely unexpected and that no one has ever faced before.

We are organized to efficiently manage and overcome this challenge, which also led to the acceleration of processes that we had already studied. Some of the solutions applied today will make our work more agile and organized in the future “.

The company’s founder was the first to set an example for his employees by staying at home, from where he keeps in touch with the various offices every day.  “Lockdown will not be painless but we will be ready to start again as soon as possible – the Guidi family concludes- We will do it in complete safety for everyone, aware as of now that nothing will be more like before, even for companies“. At the end of this active stand-by, Guidi Srl expects to return even stronger than before.

Guidi Srl

Via delle Acacie 2, 28075 – Grignasco (NO)


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