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“Message in a bottle” : Guidi’s commitment to the protection of the sea

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Guidi Srl, recyclable materials instead of plastic: at  ‘Versilia Yachting Rendez Vous’ the company promotes a sustainable company culture

From the London of the late ’70s Guidi Srl, Versilia Yachting Rendez-Vousto the dock of Viareggio, exactly forty years later, the leap is considerable. However, a common thread exists and the “message” is contained in a bottle. Or better, in many bottles.

The participation of Guidi Srl to the third edition of the Versilia Yachting Rendez Vous (Viareggio, 9-12 May 2019) could, indeed, go under the title of “Message in a bottle”, following the famous song written by Sting for the Police in 1979.

The Italian company –  based in Grignasco (NO) and specialized in the manufacture of bronze, brass, chromed, nickel-plated and aluminium marine accessories as well as non-stick valves, seacocks, discharge systems, water strainers and pipe fittings – has long moved in the direction of sustainability and, now, gets Viareggio to promote a business culture based on responsibility and environmental protection.

Guidi Srl, booth at Versilia Yachting Rendez-VousGuidi’s booth at VYRV (Darsena Europa, G 04-05-06, F 06), shared with Tecnoseal (cathodic protection), has been designed as a seabed where, reluctantly, real hand-drawn creatures coexist with plastic creatures made of those bottles that, unfortunately, haunt seas and oceans throughout the world.

The message they want to send out is: “It’s a global message in a bottle: buy your bottle for life”, written on a cube with a bottle offered by 4 Ocean, an organization engaged in the removal of waste from the sea, and another bottle where people can leave their own message.

Guidi, a partner of 4Ocean in other projects, seizes the opportunity to promote the use of reusable stainless steel bottles, in line with a production philosophy that wants to reduce and possibly eliminate waste and pollution, maximizing the use of recyclable materials.

The company, of course, also exhibits a selection of its own products which have consolidated their reputation in terms of reliability, functionality and durability over time.

Guidi Srl, non-stick valveGuidi Srl, filter

Guidi selects with extreme care both its suppliers and the materials with which it manufactures its products, all designed, developed and processed in-house at the end of a process where every single step is followed carefully.

Guidi Srl, equipmentGuidi Srl, manta series

The life cycle of every single product is constantly monitored by the company and the results of this analysis are used by the Research and Development Department for the design of new items.

“The VYRV, too, is a step in a path we started some years ago with conviction and enthusiasm: we strongly believe that business development and environmental protection can go hand in hand, with the second accelerating the first. In Viareggio, too, we want to strongly reiterate our principles, supported by the excellent results we have achieved to date”  states Daniele Guidi, Quality & Sustainability Manager of Guidi Srl.

Bruno, Daniele and Alessandro Guidi
Bruno, Daniele and Alessandro Guidi

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