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Guidi is a renowed Italian company which manufactures high-profile marine accessories. Valves, filters, hydraulic fittings and many other pieces which, although apparently irrelevant, are on the contrary important for a safe cruise and a good boat holiday.

Based in Grignasco, in the province of Novara, and active for almost 50 years, the company has always founded its corporate philosophy on the functionality-aesthetics pair. This is why it supplies seacocks, hydraulic fittings, valves and many other marine accessories to the leading Italian and foreign shipyards, engine and boat accessories manufacturers.

In order to make evident the value of its products, the Val Sesia-based company has decided to be present at two high-prestige events: Versilia Yachting Rendez-Vous, Viareggio, where it exhibited a selection of 4,200 items from 11th to 14th May; and  Venice Design (Venice, Palazzo Michiel), an exhibition inaugurated last May 13th and open until next November 26th 2017, where Guidi features as sponsor of Alessandro Ciffo.

Two wonderful cities with different seas and different audiences but linked by the same passion for work, care for details and love for the Made in Italy. In short, all the key elements which distinguish Guidi from all the other companies.

Guidi filtro depurazione acqua
The bronze intake water strainer. One among the 4,200 items made by Guidi

Of course, the commitment of the company is not limited to the exhibition of its own products in Viareggio and the sponsorship of a great artist in Venice. Versilia Yachting Rendez-Vous is an important event organized in Viareggio by da Fiera Milano, Nautica Italiana (the sector business association which Guidi belongs to) and  Technological District for the Nautical Industry and Ports in Tuscany. The event is based on an original formula that brings together outstanding Italian elements in a variety of areas other than the nautical industry, such as design, cuisine, art and fashion. More specifically, Guidi has engaged other top names in the Italian nautical accessories sector in order to create a shared space in collaboration with Mase Generators, Tecnoseal Srl and Veco Spa where to present their flagship products together. The occasion was also useful to encourage an exchange of ideas between different professional and productive realities: Guidi, for example, has recently developed an anti-fouling kit in collaboration with Tecnoseal.

Guidi valvola Alex 2
The Alex 2 valve. One of the items exhibited in Viareggio

The presence of the Grignasco-based company in the capital of the Republic of Serenissima is linked to the Biennale d’Arte. Organized by GlobalArtAffairs Foundation, Venice Design gathers about 50 “creators”, with different professional and artistic careers, from over 20 different countries. This year, the theme the artists are asked to develop is the use of space.

The aim is to show the impact design has on our lives. This selected group of international designers includes Alessandro Ciffo, a multi-talented artist from Biella who specialized in the medium of silicone and who has been working with Guidi for years: the latest example is his silicone “sail”, displayed on the company’s stand at the METS in Amsterdam last November.

In Venice, the artists exhibits his Murano 5.0 collection, including amphorae up to 2.20 mt high and other works inspired by the renowned glass craftsmen of the lagoon but now made of silicone, the artist’s favourite material. Ciffo’s works are exhibited in Palazzo Michiel and create a visual bridge linking tradition with future possibilities, history with arts and materials.

Bruno Guidi, the founder of the company in 1968, uses the following words to comment this intense time for Guidi in terms of orders and promotional presence: “We’re satisfied with what we’re doing, in terms both of industrial development and the positioning of our brand, now a consolidate presence at the upper end of the market“.

And in view of the historic achievement of next year, he claimed: ” In 2018 we’ll be celebrating 50 years in business and we want to do so by continuing down the same road, where our quality production is supported by innovative forms of communication“.





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