Hatteras GT 70

Hatteras GT 70: luxury and functionality for a charming ocean fisherman

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Hatteras GT 70

After having Hatteras GT 70, bowseen her at the Miami Yacht Show, I like to think of the Hatteras GT 70 as a boat with two souls.

The first, as you can see, is the one she shows at first sight: she is undoubtedly an elegant convertible sporty fisherman that, solid and sturdy, is ready to accompany the owner for long fishing excursions and tournaments. The Hatteras GT 70 is, indeed, designed to sail under all conditions and her characteristics make her capable of dealing with the most impetuous seas.

The hull and deck design is therefore particular: the bow is long and very high; the front windscreen, on the central structure, is made of fiberglass (it can be seen painted in black for merely aesthetic reasons) and there are three small-sized hatches on the deck.  This boat is a true marine “thank” with streamlined lines and refined teak details.

Hatteras GT 70, seatHatteras GT 70, cockpit seating

Entering  the spacious cockpit, the visitor can immediately breathe a typical “fishing” air. The central fighting chair is made of a charming lacquered wood and promises to support the angler during his fights against the biggest predators of the sea. Looking around, you can notice that the only detail added in this space, in addition to the chair and the fish boxes, is a slightly raised sofa positioned forward, which suggests how the whole cockpit is for the exclusive use of anglers.

The main steering console is located at the center of the flybridge, on the first level of the bunk structure. This environment, despite being open laterally, can turn into a closed space thanks to the sturdy windowed clothes that are hinged to the side structures.

Hatteras GT 70, consoleHatteras GT 70, steering console

The helm station is equipped with four large screens to display the data that, useful for both navigation and fishing, come from on-board electronic equipment. Above it, two huge electrically-operated reels are recessed into the ceiling to support the recovery of big preys. The three elegant seats positioned behind the steering console are comfortable and very high and guarantee an excellent 360-degree view even if, with my stature that is not of the high ones, I was obliged to stretch my neck to see the bow of the yacht well.

The console is enveloped by a long U-shaped seat designed to seat the guests who are not engaged in the fishing activities and who can benefit from the many ice boxes available to have a fresh drink.

Hatteras GT 70, flybridge seatingHatteras GT 70, bunk structure

For all those who appreciate a more comfortable and less sporty version, the shipyard offers an option with a structurally closed flybridge and the deck house positioned in the forward section of the upper deck.

In both versions, an additional deck house is equipped at the top of the “castle” to provide the helmsman with a privileged position from which to steer when fighting or spotting his preys.

Entering within the boat, you can discover its second, hidden soul. Indeed, you find yourself instantly projected into a sophisticated luxury environment. A comfortable kingdom made up of fine materials in classic style, perfect for accommodating the owner’s fishing trophies posted on the walls.

Hatteras GT 70, salonHatteras GT 70, dinette

The dinette is accessible from the cockpit through an automated opening watertight door. On the left, there is a fully-equipped galley with an island whose surface is embellished with colourful minerals and an extraordinary combination of lights and colours. On the right, instead, there are two tables. The forward one, raised from the walkway and of a trapezoidal shape, is designed for having lunch while the aft one, low and surrounded by elegant seating, is useful to relax.

Going down into the lower deck, through a slightly helical staircase, you enter the night area.

Hatteras GT 70, staircaseHatteras GT 70, master cabin

The latter consists of five cabins, all immersed in a home-inspired environment with high-quality finishes and refined decorated and lacquered wood details. The cabins are connected by a central corridor that is slightly curved to enlarge the space of the master cabin.

Hatteras GT 70, bathroomTwo cabins – the VIP forward one and the master one on the right side (really comfortable) – are equipped with a double bed while the others are furnished with bunk beds. The boat has four bathrooms in total, one of which is shared by the two cabins in the stern. The other three cabins, instead, have their own private bathroom. More specifically, the wide bathroom of the master cabin deserves a special mention thanks to the fascinating shower box that is equipped with marble walls and details.

We have perceived the connection between the different faces of this yacht as soon as we entered its huge engine room. Here, real and reactive “steel muscles” are housed in a functional environment that is so large and well organized that it shows an unusually “immaculate” elegance.

Inside Hatteras GT 70, engine roomthe engine room, in fact, there are two impressive Twin Cat C-32 A diesel engines, 1,825 HP each, combined with over-sized systems, including two 21.5 Kw generators.

The Hatteras GT 70 is certainly a yacht aimed at the market of wealthy American anglers. Unlike many other models available on the market , the functionality and sturdiness of the exteriors, oriented almost exclusively to comfort during fishing, in fact, take precedence over passengers’ needs. Here, passengers’ comfort is a prerogative of the interiors and the real luxury, in addition to the one visible in the finishes, is that to be able to afford a boat like this.

Hatteras GT 70, layoutHatteras GT 70, layout 2

Hatteras GT 70, layout 3Hatteras GT 70, layout 4

Hatteras GT 70 – Technical Specs

LOA 21.49 m
Max Beam 6.5 m
Standard Engine Package Twin CAT C-32 a diesel 1,825 HP
Draft 1.53 m
Fuel Tank Capacity 8,101 L
Water Tank Capacity 1,249 L
Generators 2 x 21.5 kw
Weight 54,431 Kg

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