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High tide in Venice, water buses destroyed. The Video.

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Monuments, streets and boats: high tide in Venice spares no one

Also this year we remain helpless, forced to watch the sea make fun of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. On the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, Venice was the victim of an imposing high ride that submerged the whole city, reaching a height of1.87 meters, second only to the flood which occurred in 1966.

More than 450 interventions were carried out by firefighters from Tuesday night due to the high water in Venice that caused flooding and damages throughout the province”, the fire brigade wrote on Twitter, specifying that all the teams are relentlessly busy helping the inhabitants and securing buildings.

While Venice was hit – and the high tide dangerously threatened even its symbols, such as St Mark’s Basilica and the Fenice theatre – even the numerous boats that line the city of the sea suffered serious damage.

The high water, in fact, destroyed three water buses in Sant’Elena while a powerboat remained stranded in Calle delle Razze, near St. Mark’s square, pushed to the ground by the whirlwind that hit the city on Tuesday night while the storm was raging. But it’s not over here. There are in fact 15 gondolas torn apart near the Hotel Danieli, and over 50 private boats destroyed, as were two boats of the Financial Police, which were quickly swallowed up by the sea.

Even public services suffered heavy losses. In fact, two piers of Veritas, a waste management company, dropped and the fury of wind and water compromised 30% of the 2500 stands and the 1100 walkways used by Veritas garbage collectors to set up pedestrian walkways. Actv (a company of the Consorzio Trasporti Veneziano) also reported damage to as many as 5 water buses used for public transport.

As you can see in the video above, there are really many boats damaged by bad weather. Some remained stranded near the port, others ended up behind buildings, stuck between the streets, and the less fortunate broke up and sunk in a short time. The second video, instead, documents the sinking of a boat during the peak of the high tide on the night of 12 November. The short video clearly shows the extent of the very serious cataclysm that, once again, hit Venice, and which, unfortunately, occurs every year more and more frequently.

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