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It’s not nice to laugh at someone else’s misfortunes, especially if a man falls overboard. However, this video is really irresistible….furthermore, it offers a helpful guidance for the do’s and don’ts when getting on/off a boat.

Amongst the various types of embarkation and disembarkation methods proposed in the video above and commonly performed in the marinas, my favourite ones are as follows:

  • ” Dock jumping” and its opposite , “boat jumping”: it’s a serious matter since jumping on a cement quay can be very dangerous. Getting back on board is equally unconvenient, especially in low tides or when the boat floats two metres below the quay level. A little bit of prudence and coordination are normally sufficient.
  • Getting yourself pulled up and down the tender: this is absolutely forbidden. You only have to put your foot on the tender border and let someone on the dock help us to get on.
  • Ouboard ignition with final blooper:’s simply fantastic! I adore it. It’s really hilarious!

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