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How the Sharp and Spacious Absolute FLY Has Taken the States by Storm?

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Absolute FLY: sharp and spacious to take the States by storm. 

Sometimes a boat’s name says it all, but Absolute Yachts went a step further forging its complete “new generation” flybridge line to speak directly to the Absolute FLY name. What do I mean? Well, using the urban lexicon as a comparison may sound a little out of character, but as if waving a magic wand – traits of the trawler-esque tour de force tick the same boxes affixed to the hip FLY label.

What’s more, the trio of modern mannerisms numbered below wholeheartedly resonate with the American boater, which, as we continue our series on how Absolute Yachts has taken the States by storm, lead us to this story’s focus: How the FLY found such fame with its USA customer base in such as short time… considering the new round of protagonists starting with the 60 FLY was just last year ushered in, before gushing continued at the Cannes Yachting Festival world premiere of the 56 FLY in September and the recent 2023 Miami International Boat Show global reveal of the 52 FLY.

1- In terms of motion and propulsion, with twin Volvo Penta diesels, the Absolutes fly. Check!
2- Functional and fashionable high-quality designs are described as fly. Check!
3- When referring to something that’s stylish and smartly thought-out, we call it fly. Check!

1 – Absolute FLY: Motion and Propulsion

Addressing the first aforementioned parallelism, Americans not only value free speech, they embrace freedom in every sense of the word – which in motoryacht terminology means motion and propulsion. The Absolute portfolio is propelled by Volvo Pentas thanks to a longstanding collaboration between the two flagships, and of course, to get the full effect of the potency, on board is the preferred place to be. Nevertheless, admiring the charismatic Italian-made crafts sailing toward the horizon from afar provides a different standpoint… one that really lets you visually appreciate the motion from the magnitude of horsepower produced from the pod-drive powertrain.

In the case of the 56 FLY (website test data sourced from sea trials powered by twin Volvo D8-IPS 800 diesels each developing 600 horsepower); it’s a striking optical sight watching her intoxicatingly taking flight up to a wide open speed near 28 knots (32 mph). Even more remarkable, for boaters looking to stretch their bucks, dropping down to 23 knots (26 mph) nets an approximate 300 nautical miles (345 miles) while burning around 56 gallons per hour at 2,250 rpm; and for those lazy days, a slow-go 10-knot (11.5-mph) cruising speed could conceivably exceed 500 nautical miles (575 miles).


Adding the phenomenal fuel burn expenditures for driving a three-level vessel to these impressive speeds has also left a notable mark on performance-minded motor boaters in this country, who are keen on luxury crafts that get up and go… but the feeling of freedom however, soars way past gas and going fast in the USA.

The Absolute FLY embraces a 360-degree panorama with the sea, whereby the blurred interior and exterior boundaries foster a free and peaceful connection with nature. Perceptible examples of this powerful serenity include my favorite spot on the oversized bathing platform, as well as, the clear stern terrace balustrade that does its part brightening up the aft, not to mention the cutaway bulwarks permitting drop-down window delivery of fresh air and the sun’s rays into the main cabin.

2 – Absolute FLY: Functional and Fabulous

The next match collectively fuses the Absolute FLY’s functional design features with some fabulous results. Ergonomics in the cockpit are many, and when standing in the captain’s zone, you can’t help but reach out and touch the high-quality surfaces. During days on the seas, the seating appointments reduce the need to constantly bend your neck downward, and the uninterrupted visibility from the central windows, work in tandem to reduce stress, increase safety, and make piloting pleasurable. And for long journeys when at the command station for hours on end, the darker decor also does its part interjecting an air of seriousness to the area, while the deeper color scheme promotes a more profound level of concentration and responsibility.

As for the right side door, it may seem like just another entrance or exit, but gathering insight from past highlighted reviews, it is in fact much more. It facilitates ease of communication with those on deck or at the docks, and aids the pilot when maneuvering through highly congested ports or constricted passages from Portland to New York City. Also notable, is the third docking station to starboard on the stern, which is equally instrumental navigating through narrow waterways.

Absolute Fly Absolute Yachts

Other functional elements garnering attention and worthy of a mention include: the rectangular linen covers; the highly efficient air conditioning system praised for the minimal sound it produces; and the relocation of the master suite to the front for increased privacy (most notably when docked stern-to) and calmness, given its distance from the rear engine room. What’s more, pleasing for all passengers is the tranquility derived from the new solar panels which permit the owner to power off the generator when anchored in the lakes and rivers of Middle America or off the Atlantic or Pacific Coast.

3 – Stylish and Smartly Thought-Out Spaces

The Absolute FLY line scores its last big win thanks to its stylish and smartly thought-out storage and social spaces, which, per multiple conversations with Absolute dealers, has been a strong contributing factor in boosting sales. Hearing this, after initially touring the motoryachts in Miami, I approached the Absolute FLY models at the Palm Beach Show from a more detailed perspective, seeking out lounging options where company could crash and counting spots to stash stuff.

I opened cabinets and cupboards. I pulled out bathroom drawers. I peeked inside the lockers. I even stepped in the glorious shower to admire its full-size dimensions and delightful window view to paradise (or in this case, a crowded boat show dock.) Basically, I touched everything I could get my hands on, and discovered unexpected spatial solutions everywhere. The message that was clear: Bring the bags! Bring the booze! Bring the beach balls! And, ladies, do bring all the shoes!

Optimizing living and social spaces was just as laudable as the storage places. Starting below deck and working my way up, the floor space around the forward-facing, king-size bed was tremendous, and the luxury of being able to treat your overnighters like VIPS in the full-beam cabin amidships is surely appreciative to them.

ABSOLUTE 56 FLY-exteriors

Moving on up and out, from the modular stern seating and settees, to the U-shaped sofa and sunpad on the foredeck, there’s a never-ending amount of areas for happy meals, happy hour, tanning time or taking timeout with the kids. Using the fly deck of the 52-footer as an example, remarkably, between the flexible patio astern, C-shaped dinette, dual helm, and front sunbed for three, you could technically host all 14 passengers – just be sure to have the grill on, the fridge full, and the bar stocked.

Dating back to its inception two decades past in 2002, Absolute has always sought to place both exceptionality and practicality at the pinnacle of its R&D, and at the forefront of its yacht creations. The fact that, each yacht is no bigger than 60 feet and possesses so much, is a major selling point for the North American market… and it’s plain to see from the Absolute FLY’s strong, stylish personality, how she has become an overnight shining star in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!


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