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ITALYURE 35 WALKAROUND, the shipyard’s new model world premiered at the Genoa International Boat Show.

Born to meet the needs of many owners who, having appreciated the shipyard’s 38 footer, wanted a boat with the same seaworthiness but shorter length. ITALYURE 35 is the WALKAROUND that revolutionizes the walkaround concept: 9.5 metres of pure quality with new solutions and new features. 



The owner, being tall in stature, wanted to introduce many adjustments to suit his height and the yard was able to meet all his requests by even changing the deck plans.

The step amidships has been then moved forward to make it possible to go to the bow without having to bend down because of the T- TOP, making passage easier, and the bow cushion containment tank has been eliminated to increase the headroom in the cabin. The upholstery has been customized in aviation grey as requested.

On board this new ITALYURE 35 all the on-board steel elements have been oversized and the distances between the seats and the aft table have been increased to facilitate circulation. The yard’s willingness to find solutions and meet the owner’s needs has made this model truly tailor-made.

An additional shower has been fitted in the bow that is very practical and useful. Everything on board is designed to be comfortable and functional. The great quality of the woods that finish this ITALYURE 35 WALKAROUND is visible everywhere, making it very marine and with a style that I personally love.


Going down through the large hatch on the starboard side of the helm console immediately to the left is the door to the bathroom with separate shower and good spaciousness, we are still on a 35 footer.

The open-plan cabin has an important size and the full-beam bed provides respectable sleeping comfort. The side windows combined with the large central porthole allow light to enter easily, illuminating the entire environment. ITALYURE 35 WALKAROUND impresses in many respects as, although smaller than the 38 footer, which has been a great market success, it allows guests to go out to sea for a simple day or even take a long holiday on board.

interior 2 interior


We have decided to go out to sea during the boat show on a day with a lot of downwind and formed waves to test the hull designed by Engineer Marzocca, who once again drew simple lines to give this model a unique style.

We meet outside the docks, the owner who has just purchased this ITALYURE 35 lets us on board and accompanies us on this test because he too, like us, wants to see how the boat behaves in these conditions.

As soon as we leave the breakwater, the wind strengthens, the gusts are around 25 kn, the swell allows us to carry out the test in conditions that are not exactly ideal for a calm outing at sea.

With a southerly heading and the sea to the side, I start to accelerate and already at 2000 rpm the ITALYURE 35 makes us feel its two 380 hp Cummins. There are 7 people on board with half a tank of fuel and just under 50 litres in the water tank.

The speed is at 16 kn and the boat is already on plane with a consumption of 29 L/h under power, the hull passes over the wave without jolting and the trajectory remains clean even when we increase the revs to 2500 with the speed going from 16 to 24 knots very promptly. At this speed our consumption has risen to 41 L/H.

Despite the day, I try to bring the engines up to full throttle, simulating having to return to port quickly to avoid further worsening of the marine weather conditions.

I perform a tight turn to direct the bow towards land and even at 24 knots the hull allows me to manoeuvre calmly and precisely, I don’t have to correct my course continuously and I speed up.

In a moment we are at 30 knots with engine revs around 3500, the instrument tells me that I am consuming 68 L/h and for today this is the maximum speed we can do in such conditions.


I slow down the speed to 24 knots to test the hull further, passing in my wake and breaking the waves on the starboard side, the hull is stressed to the max but still maintains excellent stability.

I decide to return to the harbour and at the mooring I do one last lap and, walking the length of the boat, I realize that, despite the waves being formed, even at high speed, this ITALYURE 35 WALKAROUND has remained dry on deck.

The sensation I got in this test is of great hull seaworthiness and robustness in all its parts, a boat that can really offer a lot of fun and steering pleasure.

ITALYURE 35 WALKAROUND is certainly the right balance between design, comfort and safety at sea.







3 l/h



12 l/h



28 l/h



40 l/h



60 l/h



69 l/h


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