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ITALYURE celebrates two record-breaking years and is preparing to launch a new model.

The model that first caught the market’s attention was the 38-footer that, presented at the Genoa Boat Show in 2021, immediately found favour with owners and quickly became a real bestseller for the yard.

Since then it has been a succession of successes for ITALYURE, and international boat shows such as Düsseldorf and Cannes have given the yard a respectable position in the international scene.

The 38-footer was quickly joined by the 35-footer, desired by Maurizio Marzocca, the yard’s engineer and creator of important designs, precisely to satisfy owners who, seeing the construction quality and excellent result of the 38, asked the yard for a slightly smaller boat.


We asked Maurizio why the yard decided to build two very similar models and according to what requirements

The 35 model stems from the need enrich our range with a model that retains the key and successful features of the 38. A versatile boat, therefore, capable of offering both inboard and sterndrive propulsion, two extremely liveable cockpits both fore and aft, outstanding seaworthiness especially in rough seas and low fuel consumption.

The ITALYURE 35 footer has a different genesis from the 38 in terms of construction methodology and materials, favouring fibreglass parts over wood, especially for the interior.

What are the differences in choosing the 38 or the 35?

The 38 is intended for a customer who looks for a boat suitable for both day outings and cruising, equipped with ample outdoor space, without renouncing to have an underdeck with distinct rooms.

A boat featuring cosy compartments, fine woods, custom-made materials and colours; in short, a customer who wants to build an almost unique boat.

The 35, on the other hand, is a standardised design, which the yard offers in five colour variants.

The interior is an open space characterised by a very spacious head, where the choice of exterior materials was to have very little maintenance on board (from synthetic teak to krion for doors, etc.).
In short, an owner who wants to experience the boat on a daily basis, with little commitment when he returns to port.

italyure underway

Boat shows in Cannes, Genoa and Düsseldorf represented a big commitment for you. Are you planning to look overseas as well?

Of course, we are initiating relations with dealers and importers to spread the “ITALYURE” brand in China and the United States.

We already have requests for our boats, especially the 38 in the SPORT version, and we aim to develop those markets in the 2024 season.

At the Cannes Boat Show ITALYURE will be present with the 38 in an undiscovered layout, while at the Genoa Boat Show we will finally be able to preview the 35, for which there is much anticipation.

As far as future projects are concerned, Maurizio reveals that we might soon have some more news on the 45 footer project that the yard has been working on for some time.

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