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Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 350 : a from-scratch new model has much to offer

A shiny “World Premier” sticker emblazoned the hull of the new Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 350 at the boot boat show in Dusseldorf and it drew inspections from press and show attendees alike. The compact model has big shoes to fill since it replaces the very popular Sun Odyssey 349 that launched in 2013 and of which nearly 1,000 hulls were sold. However, incorporating many of the innovations the French builder has introduced over the past decade, the new Lombard model is up for the challenge.

The Sun Odyssey 350 is a delight on deck. The drop transom is manual and when down, reveals a cubby for the life raft. One step up are twin wheels hung on stylish binnacles which are incorporated into the cockpit coaming molding. At the outboard pushpits, you’re met with high stainless rails that add a sense of security as you maneuver up the walkaround deck that has erased the need for steps or clumsy climbs from the cockpit.

The two helms are well organized and I was excited to see the engine throttle up on the side of the starboard binnacle rather than down by the knees. With this arrangement, the skipper can keep her eyes on the bow while docking rather than stooping down to shift. The cockpit is impressive in both size and comfort with a drop-leaf table with excellent incorporated handholds.

Sun Odyssey 350 twin helms

Sail plan and propulsion

The new hull is slightly wider and is rumored to be extra stiff and light for good performance. The bow is inverted and clears the water’s surface for more agile maneuvering. Below the waterline are twin rudders and a choice of three keels from shoal to an extra deep swing version that will let you venture anywhere and point well on an upwind beat. The lack of a backstay allows the use of a square-top mainsail which grabs extra puffs up high so light wind performance promises to be good.

The 350 is powered by a 29-hp Yanmar diesel and I’m happy to report that Jeanneau has returned to shaft drives even on smaller models. Saildrives can be quite effective, but the boat needs to be used often or the drive can develop hard growth problems. In my book, keeping a sailboat simple begs for a prop and conventional shaft configuration. For devotees of all things electric, this entry model will also be available with Torqeedo’s electric propulsion and lithium batteries.

seating area


A small boat is harder to design and build than big one but the compact 350 packs in a range of amenities with aplomb. The model is available with 2-3 cabins and a single head that changes configuration depending on the cabin count. To my eye, the two-cabin version with the single large head and separate shower stall will work nicely. In this version, the head is huge and also provides access to the giant aft port storage compartment. You can also spec a small aft facing nav desk that butts up against the forward bulkhead of the head and for traditionalists, this will be a welcome feature.

The cozy galley to starboard is workable except that the refrigerator is only top-loading which can be a challenge, especially for short cooks retrieving items from the bottom. The master suite is forward with a V-berth in which you’ll need to sleep head aft. With the double doors to this cabin open, the boat feels longer and looks larger than her specs suggest. For a couple with occasional guests or a child, this model will be a weekending workhorse.

An excellent introduction to the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey line

It’s early days yet since the boat I visited was hull #1 but the estimated price for a well-equipped Sun Odyssey 350 will likely be around 250,000 euro. That’s a lot of boat for the price even for a model that is the baby of the Sun Odyssey line.

What a difference a decade makes. The new Sun Odyssey 350 has leaned into Jeanneau’s spirit of innovation and capitalized on the many changes the builder has introduced in the past 10 years. This makes her a worthy successor to the much-loved predecessor. Designer Jean Marc Piaton summed it up when he said, “It’s a real challenge to follow a successful design.”

I think he needn’t have worried.

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 350 : technical specs


35’ 9” (10.94 m)


11’ 9” (3.59 m)


4’ 9” – 8’ 4” (1.49 – 2.54 m)

Weight (hull only)

12,470 lbs (5,656 kg)


130 L


160 L


29-hp Yanmar with shaft


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