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Jeanneu: all Sun Fast 2018 novelties. The Sun Fast Challenge lands in England

sun fast 3200Sun Fast: this is the name which identifies the range that Jeanneau dedicates to technology and sailing competitions. A historic important project which, this year, will culminate with a new British competition of the traditional Sun Fast Challenge, in addition to the French one.

This year, the competition will be rely on a special Facebook page which, in addition to following the main legs of the race, will offer a real community where boat owners and sailing enthusiasts can share ideas, pictures and much more.

Anyway, the top race is the France Sun Challenge, of which Jeanneau has recently unveiled the official programme. As usual, the competition will include four rankings: a classification for the seven Atlantic legs and a classification for the seven Mediterranean legs, each of which includes two different classes, the Sun Fast 3200 and the Sun Fast 3600. The only condition to join the race is to own one of these models with, of course, IRC certificate.sun fast 3600

The first Sun Fast in each event receives a number of points equal to the number of Sun Fast who actually participated in the event, +10 “participation bonus” points. The second, one point less than the first, and so on, while the last one receives only the 10 participation bonus points.

Only in the last regatta of each ranking, the Pornic-Gijon-Pornic for the Atlantic classification and the Corsica Tour for the Mediterranean classification, the general classification counts double ( but the 10 participation bonus points are not doubled).

Any participation in a race automatically registers the sailor for the challenge; of course, the competition rewards the regulars. Another important detail is that the points are applied to the boat and not to its crew. The same boat can therefore change its skipper and crew at any leg, without never compromising the results it achieved.

sun fast jeanneauRules are not significantly different from those of the UK Sun Fast Challenge, the new competition introduced for the UK boat owners. In this case, there are only two rankings: one classification for the Sun Fast 3200 yachts and one for the Sun Fast 3600. The event will start next May 26th with the Myth of Malham leg and will finish in early September with the Two-Handed National Championship.

The award ceremonies will be held during the most prestigious boat shows of the two countries involved. The winner of the France Sun Fast Challenge will be therefore rewarded during the Nautic in Paris while the winner of the UK Sun Fast Challenge will receive his prize at the Southampton Boat Show in late September.

Below, you can find the complete programme of the two sailing competitions, divided by classifications.

France Challenge Sun Fast Atlantique 2018

Spi Ouest France – Destination Morbihan 29 March – 2 April SN Trinité-Sur-Mer    √      √
Duo Demi-Clé 28-29 April Atlantic Course au Large √      √ 
Télégramme Tresco Trophée 9-13 May YC Morlaix    √   √   
Armen Race 10-13 May SN Trinité-Sur-Mer    √    √  √
Duo Cat-Amania 16-22 June SN Trinité-Sur-Mer  √      √
Gascogne 45/5 29 June-5 July SR Rochelaises  √  √ √   
Pornic-Gijòn-Pornic 7-14 July CN Pornic  √  √ √   

France Challenge Sun Fast Méditerranée 2018

Au Large de Saint-Tropez 3-10 March SN Saint-Tropez    √  √ √   
SNIM 30 March – 2 April SN Marsiglia   √   √   √ 
Semaine de Porquerolles 9-13 May IYCH & YCP        √
Giraglia Rolex Cup 13-16 June SN Saint-Tropez    √    √  
Duo Max 21 21-22 June CNTL Osiris  √    √  
Quadra Solo/Duo 24-31 August SN Marsiglia  √  √  √
Tour de Corse 19-22 October YC Bonifacio    √ √   √

UK Sun Fast Challenge 2018

Myth of Malham 26 May RORC Royal Ocean Racing Club    √   √   
soloFASTNET 2-7 June SORC Solo Offshore Racing Club    √ √   
Round the Island Race 7 July ISC Island Sailing Club    √    √
Cowes Dinard 13 July RORC Royal Ocean Racing Club    √    √  
Cowes Week 4-11 August Cowes Combined Clubs        √
RIOW Round the Isle of Wight 18 August SORC Solo Offshore Racing Club    √  √
Two-Handed National Championship 1 September. & 7 September RORC Royal Ocean Racing Club  √ √   √

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