BMC Illuminazione - Jolly Roger
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A lamp in the spotlight…. It’s called Jolly Roger and it has just won the prestigious DAME Award at Mets 2016 in Amsterdam in the category of interior equipment and accessories. But why is it so innovative?

jolly roger bcm illuminazione

It’s a reading lamp produced by the Italian BCM Illuminazione (Tuscany), a company born 57 years ago and with a long experience in the field of boat and house lighting. The product presents many interesting features, starting from its magnetic support: it is, in fact, made up of two parts, a spherical one with a led light and a basis to be placed on bulkheads or ceilings. The two parts are linked through a magnetic attraction which allows to direct the light beam at will and in a very simple way.

Moreover, it’s can activate and change the colour of its light without touching it. Jolly Roger, thanks to its Bluetooth connection, can be controlled remotely. The control system is Casambi, a small black box which controls the dimmers.

jolly roger bcm illuminazione You only need a mobile device (smartphone, tablet, iOS or Android) and install the specific freeware app to open the control panel and access all the light sources connected to switch them on or off, change their colours and settings.  We tested it at the stand of BCM Illuminazione at Mets: it’s really simple and user-friejolly roger bcm illuminazione ndly.

Of course, there’s also the possibility to install a traditional central key-control (as in the picture on the right) to make the same operations manually.

Jolly Roger has a brass body and, for the moment, is available in only one size: the basis has a diameter of 45 mm, while the front lens is 40 mm wide. Power is 3 W, while leds are available in white or red.


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