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22 SR is one of the five different declinations Karnic proposes for its 6.48-metre boat. The base is a beautiful original and rather narrow bottom, with a high step which extends towards the bow for a greater static and dynamic stability. It’s a day cruiser with a small fore cabin; a family boat, a perfect holiday machine. And rather affordable, too.

karnic 22 sr selvaKarnic was born in Cyprus in 1993 and now it produces almost 300 boats a year, with a product list including 8 ranges (Smart, Open, Storm, SL, Bluewater, Cruiser) and 30 models, from Smartone 48 (overall length: 4.9 m) to 2965 Cruiser Line, 10.30 metres long. This year, importation and sale are entrusted to Selva. Karnic boats are pushed both by inboard engines (the supplier is Volvo Penta) in case of bigger models of Bluewater and Cruiser lines, and outboards, soon available in new versions from 40 up to 250 HP .

karnic 22 sr selva All in all, the DECK is very “dense”. There’s really much on a 6.5-metre boat. However, on-board circulation is good, especially thanks to the walkaround layout. Gangways are 19 cm wide and holding is ensured by both the bulwark handrail and the windscreen stanchion.

The fore zone is maybe this boat’s best: the sunbathing platform is large enough for one person, while the anchor area reminds that one of a bigger boat: functional and well-arranged, it also allows a safe and comfortable passage to the quay.

The cockpit has a traditional L-shape, with a detachable  table and a lateral opening which leads to the diving platform. Just behind the pilot’s seats, there is a small kitchen, equipped with a storable sink and room for a small camping fridge. karnic 22 sr selva

We particularly liked the synthetic bridge cover, a sort of plastic teak, very safe, cheap and coherent with the boat concept.

The small “refuge” below deck houses a double 186×184 cm (height is 109 cm) cabin and an optional chemical wc (which disappears under the bed).

karnic 22 sr selva

SEA TRIAL. 22 SR is a really fast and funny boat. Maximum speed can reach over 37 knots, not bad for a “family boat”. But the most interesting thing is that anyone can find his ideal speed: those who care about consumption will choose a 21.6-knot speed with 3500 engine revolutions (in this case, consumption is just 0.8 l/mile); on the contrary, fast cruising speed is 33.5 knots (5200 revolutions, 1.2 l/mile). A good solution may be at 4500 revolutions: 29.22 knots, 1 l/mile. karnic 22 sr selvaIn the whole, the choice of a more powerful solution is senseless.

In terms of handling, the boat is always funny and comfortable, despite its speed. The bottom is precise and always soft and the seat is very comfortable. The same cannot be said for the shelter offered by the windscreen. Vibrations and noise are very low, which is rare on boats like this. According to us, price is good: 44,000 euros, VAT included.

karnic 22 sr selva



 Technical Office of the yard

Distributor Commerciale Selva, Sesto San Giovanni (MI) via Carducci 221. Tel. 02.26224546, www.commercialeselva.it

EC Design Category  C

Overall length m 6.48

Length m 6.30

Beam m 2.45

Beds 2

Unladen displacement kg 1.080

Passengers capacity 7

Engines of the test 1 x Selva Killer Whale 150 XSR

Fuel Tank Capacity l 200

Fresh Water Tank Capacity l 45

Engines – max power: 225 HP

Basic Price: € 29,320 (only boat), VAT included; € 43, 990 with Selva Killer Wave 150 XSR engine , VAT included..

Selva D.650 DS Special Line – PERFORMANCES

revolutions/min Speed Consumption
kn l/h
1.000 4.0 2.9
1.500 5.0 4.6
2.000 7.0 7.9
2.500 10.3 12.2
3.000 14.4 15.9
3.500 21.6 18.6
4.000 25.3 26.0
4.500 29.2 31.2
5.000 32.4 38.7
5.500 35.7 46
5.700 37.0 48.8

Conditions of the sea trial: flat sea, 3 passengers, 100 litres in the fuel tank. Minum surfing speed: 13.9 nodi a t 2,900 revolutions

karnic 22 sr selva

karnic 22 sr selvakarnic 22 sr selva


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