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Lighting and design : how the best shipyards use light effects

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Light plays, reflections and effects: discovering illumination with Quick Marine Light

With the advent of LED lights, artificial lighting has become an element that increasingly makes the difference on a boat and the picture of the Grand Soleil 52 LC we’ve chosen for the cover of this article is a clear example of that. High-quality, well-conceived and well-integrated lighting enhances both interior design and exterior lines and contributes to improve the overall value of a yacht.

Michele and Chiara Marzucco of Quick Spa, a well-known multinational company specialized in the manufacture of marine accessories and of the Quick Marine Lighting line, have led us to the discovery of lighting solutions used on board some among the most prestigious boats exhibited at the last international boat shows.

Indirect Light : the interiors of the Ocean Alexander 100 enhanced by the indirect light of “Strip Leds”

We’re on board the Ocean Alexander 100, a luxury super yacht whose interiors have been customized according to the owner’s needs. Here, Michele Marzucco shows us an example of how indirect light is used to gently illuminate the elegant saloon of the boat.

Ocean Alexander 100, interiorsMichele Mazzucco, Quick Spa

In this case, the effect has been obtained thanks to the use of Strip Leds. Lights, applied on the lateral bargeboards and inside the lighting system positioned in the “roses” above the two tables, supply a source of light perfect to irradiate the environment without blinding. The origin of irradiation, indeed, stays hidden and reflects only adjacent surfaces.

Strip leds are LED led strips covered in UV silicone. Highly flexible, they perfectly adapt to the outlines of the shapes where they are applied and allow for infinite installation solutions.

Direct Light :  “Maxibars” enlarge spaces on board the Ocean Alexander 70

The light flooding the salon and cabins of the Ocean Alexander 70 is indirect. In addition to illuminating, this solution also has a secondary function, as Chiara shows us when she points at the lights installed on central roof blocks where Maxibars cover the whole length of both environments:

Ocean Alexander 70 interiorsChiara Mazzucco Quick Spa

Thanks to a perspective effect, this placing of lights provide environments with greater depth and makes them even more welcoming”.

We move into the master cabin and Chiara continues her explanation:

Here, thanks to a brilliant innovative solution, lights have been installed even on the head of the double bed. This way, the sensation of height you can perceive in this environment is significantly expanded”.

Maxibars are built-in light bars made of high-thickness plexiglass with a led light inside ( in opaline colour, in this case). Bars are available in different lengths and are perfect for installation both inside and outside.

Underwater lights : scenic effect for the Pardo 50 with the Challenger 30

The Pardo 50, the ultimate model presented by the famous Italian shipyard, is a clear example of how exterior lighting can embellish and make even more fascinating the lines of a boat at sunset.

Pardo 50, underwater lightsThe led of underwater lights delivers a light beam – white, in this case – just under the water surface. The boat comes alive and seems to float, imperceptibly placed against a mirror flooded by light beams.

Underwater lights are often integrated with many other exterior lights and this opens up a world of possibilities that our control system manages in a simple efficient way”, Chiara explains. ” Our Quick RGBW is a system that puts lights into the net and makes them adjustable both in terms of intensity and color tone. This way, the owner always have a wide choice and many options to illuminate his own boat”.

The underwater lines used on board the Pardo 50 are Challenger 30, a safe and easy-to-maintain model. The stainless steel frame containing the led light is positioned inside a watertight through-hull; this way, the light can be replaced without having to haul the boat.

Direct Light: recessed spotlights Todd and the elegance of the Absolute 62 Fly

Finally, Michele takes us on board the Absolute 62 Fly to show us how lights, despite their small size, can become real design items able to contribute to the overall elegance of an environment.

In the cabins, for example, he shows us the amazing recessed spotlights perfectly installed on the roof.

Absolute 62 Fly, Vip cabinQuick Todd

They are called Todd and are a model of the Flat line that complements the Ted range. They are an elegant product, with a frame with minimal thickness and therefore a bigger light beam – Michele Marzucco tells us – This model, available in opaline or transparent glass, is very interesting in terms of quality/price ratio; indeed, it is the entry level of this category”.

Quick SpA

Via Piangipane 120/a – Piangipane (RA)


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