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Aluminum inflatable boats for demanding boat owners. Two new LTN Ribs models come in. Ezio Agazzi explains them.

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LTN 21 Drake and the LTN26 Venom+ ; these are the symbols of the two new aluminum creations that the LTN Ribs yard will present, matching the spirit of the best Made in Italy in the frame of the Genoa Boat Show.

They carry both the LTN tradition; they are the number one in the production of aluminum inflatable boats. These innovations arise precisely from customer requests, to provide a wider range of choices that suit their needs.

PL’LTN21 Drake was born shortly after the LTN19 Hikari, whose launch is expected next week. The 6.5-foot semi-rigid dinghy englobes the qualities of  the material used (marine aluminum 5083) to ensure lightweight and limited fuel consumption.

All LTN inflatable boats are the result of technological studies on hull behavior, which sees the use of sophisticated software. To protect the structure, LTN has used the fly frame system to increase its robustness.

The peculiarities of the LTN21 Drake model derive from the qualities of aluminum. Comfort is enhanced by undergrowth geometries; the advanced bow to extend the hull, the console shows modern features compatible with the structure. All quality in line with company standards, which seeks to make the most of the advantages of aluminum. Even if not limited to terms like lightness, softness on the wave, and sealing on the sea, immediate and intrinsic effects of the material.

LTN 21 Drake
LTN 21 Drake

The LTN26 Venom  is instead the “cabin” of the LNN26 Venom. The idea is to move to another product, the “night in haven” project at the base of another boat, the 34 Diamond.

Compared with the previous Venom, the console’s rise is balanced by redesigning the stern, featuring large lockers and comfortable sunbathing areas. The most appreciated features of the client are mounted: advanced bow, single step and truncated aft cones.

On these models, like the whole range, LTN Ribs offers a ten-year warranty for aluminum.

As already mentioned, both the LTN21 Drake and the LTN26 Venom   will be presented at the Genoa Boat Show, during which the partnership with BRP – Evinrude could also be formalized, which could power the two models with the 150 E-TecG2 and the 300 E-Tec G2.

Ezio Agazzi, creator of the two LTN projects, explains the models in detail:

“The LTN26 Venom + is the 26Venom cabinet version, introduced last year that, in some respects, recalls the 34 Diamond. The Venom comes from the need for a more complete product, also suitable for spending a night at haven. However, the similitudes end here, because the rest is a dinghy for which we used a different method. The stern is redesigned; the dinghy requires more stern space to counterbalance the size of the console. At the Salon will be presented with a particular coloring, but I still do not reveal what, you will see it at the presentation. Of the 26, we have maintained hull and technical features; there was no reason to modify something that worked very well.

The  21 is completely new, is produced with an innovative construction of our thinking up, which improves the technical characteristics of rigidity. This model features a convivial stern area, such as the 26, and reproduces the Family feeling typical of LTN.

LTN and aluminum, among the many advantages, why a nautical enthusiast persons should choose an inflatable of this material?

“Aluminum gives many advantages: the lightness of the material, and therefore the opportunity to create less heavy dinghy than others. In addition to being lighter, aluminum casters have greater structural strength, and in fact, they are much more popular abroad.

LTN 34 Diamond
LTN 34 Diamond

We give 10 years warranty on the material, we are the only ones.

We also think it is an advantage that projects us in the future. The products will be more and more customizable and we, with this system, can modify them without using moulds. Aluminum also guarantees maximum cartonization, for a ship-owner with special needs is perfect. For example, a family with a disadvantaged boy asked for accessibility to be reviewed, for us we could change the structure according to the customer’s need.

Last but not least, the recyclability of the product, which is not composed and therefore allows it to be reused. I think it is an increasingly important topic in choosing a boat. In the future, we will also have this card to play in the market. “

Tell us, what is the target of such an original project?

Certainly the target is high, it is seen from the price (€ 32,400  the LTN21 Drake, € 76,400  the LTN26 Venom +, ndr). Nevertheless, ours are not priced boats. Realization is a cured construction, which has a lot of work behind it. All our inflatables are produced in Italy, “Made in Bergamo”, so they have an exceptional intrinsic quality. Just see the peculiarity of the project to understand that they cannot cost a bit. To make a car comparison, a lightweight aluminum car cannot cost as an utility car, the price increases. Who buys one of our rubber dinghy, knows how to get a product that will be perfect even after twenty years, without cracking, yellowing, and hen paws … It’s a product designed to last in time, hence the cost. “

What is the ambition of these projects?

“Surely sell these products, get into the professional sector. As a concept of realization, the material we use can produce military vehicles, patrols, with heavy loads … We want to enter the world of luxury tenders. We can build customized tenders for the boats they are destined for.

Is there any particular reason for choosing Genoa as a venue?

The main reason is timing. The dinghy are under construction now, at the end of the month they will be ready. Since we have the opportunity, it is the maximum to present them to a broader audience. We are concluding an agreement with BRP to distribute products on European territory in packages with their engines. We have not signed yet, but it is in the intentions of everyone to close the deal”

Are there new projects on site? What new things can we wait for the future?

The novelties for the future are a widening range upwards. The 19 will be launched next week and, honestly, for us it makes no sense to get under that extent. We do recreational products whose relative cost is inversely proportional to the measure. Our prices are high but the product offers more. Summarizing, once the product is purchased, the differences are canceled. The aluminum raft has such a high quality that is not just comparable to fiberglass competition. “


LTN 21 LTN 26 Venom +
Length 6,51mt 8,17mt
Width 2,90mt 3,17mt
Displacement 666Kg 1.200Kg
Maximum power 200HP long stem 350HP XXL stem
Maximum capacity 10 14
Project category C C
List price € 32.400,00 € 76.400,00


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