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Magazzù MX – 11 Coupé : 100 miles on board a myth

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We already knew that the Magazzù MX-11 Coupé was a beautiful and elegant boat, a glance is enough to realize that. But that she was also able sail under any sea conditions was something we had to test.

For our sea trial, we chose to “fly” from Genoa to Monaco on board this “super RIB” which didn’t bat an eyelid even when faced with two meter high waves and which, after almost 100 miles at sea, left us the desire to cover at least as many.

100 miles on board the Magazzù MX – 11 Coupé

The Genoa Boat Magazzù MX-11 Coupé, GenoaShow is coming to an end and the last day is running out. The Magazzù MX-11 Coupé is waiting for us to be transferred to Montecarlo where she is scheduled to take part to a new boat exhibition together with many other mega yachts.

It’s late to cover all the 100 miles that separate us from our destination, so we decide to spend the night at the Marina di Varazze. We hasten to load and stow all our bags (they are not few since we have been out for three days) and, after a refueling stop, we are ready to set sail.

The sea is perfect and, sailing at a speed of 30 knots, we reach our first destination in less than an hour. The only difficulty consists in dodging the many boats which enter and leave the port.

It has been a long day at the boat show and, after an unmissable fish dinner, we go to sleep.

Magazzù MX-11 Coupé, departureThe following day, we meet on the dock of the Marina di Varazze just before dawn. We start the two Volvo Penta V8 engines, 350 HP each, and switch the navigation lights on. The fuel tanks of the Magazzù MX-11 Coupé are full.

There are three of us on board and, after retracting moorings, we enjoy the most evocative moments of the day. The light of the rising sun timidly starts to illuminate a sea that, at the mouth of the port, offers only a few waves coming from afar.

We accelerate and head for Monaco. The shortest route envisages to coast every cape that stands between us and our destination. Weather forecasts exclude that the situation remains quiet and call for a rough-very rough sea with residual waves coming from the west.

As we leave the Magazzù MX-11 Coupé, consoleprotection in the stretch of coast that divides Varazze from Celle, the sea, indeed, starts to get rough. We therefore decide to opt for a speed of around 25-27 knots which might enable us to sail in total safety in the waves that we imagine to meet. In fact, it’s still dark and we don’t see the horizon well. This is also the ideal speed for long-range transfers, the one that allows not to consume too much fuel.

I’m not at the helm, mine is not the first turn but, from the bow and in the shadow, I see a high wave coming. I think it is 1.5-2 meters high. We are sailing fast, so I bend my legs to brace for impact and….and nothing, we land softly, just a few meters after the wave, as if there is an airbag between the hull and the surface.

It seems incredible but we have just performed a really nice “jump”.

Magazzù MX-11 Coupé, sunriseWe don’t slow down even not on the following waves which become higher and higher in the waters of Savona. The behaviour of the Magazzù MX-11 Coupé does not change and our backs remain relaxed.

Claudio Magazzù, who represents the second generation of the shipyard together with her sister Tina and his brother Renato, is on board with us. Claudio is an aeronautical engineer and gives us some explanaitations as to why this boat reacts so well to the impact with the water.

One of the reasons is that the hull “steps” which cut across the hull line are deep. Their function is to support the hull when the boat is on plane, deflecting water from the hull surface and letting air come in. This principle results into the creation of some air cushions that make the impact with the hull significantly softer.

The “steps” of the MX-11 are deep and specially designed to maximize this effect and we are appreciating their efficiency.

The sun Magazzù MX-11 Coupé, navigationrises as we sail close to Savona. The mountains, now visible, are covered by a thick cloud layer, which suggests that the north wind is coming.

At Capo Noli, the horizon is fully visible and the sea gets worse. Here, the bottom level is higher, the intervals between waves become shorter and the wave motion is more confused. I don’t waste time and I take the helm. I want to see how the boat does in such conditions.

So, I fasten the safety lanyard and, given the good performance achieved so far, I dare. I think I can go on sailing at 20 knots at least, so I adjust the throttle accordingly.

Magazzù MX-11 Coupé at seaJust the time to reach the right speed and trim and a wave appears in the bow. It is steep and I don’t know if it is the first one of a long series.

The movement I exert on the helm goes automatically, I try to face the wave from the loof. In such conditions and at this speed, the Magazzù MX-11 shows an excellent course stability but, as the helm moves and the angle of incidence of the hull changes, the situation becomes different.

The boat becomes as manoeuvrable and responsive as a go-kart.

Claudio makes a very clear comparison, the one between airliners and fighters which, after all, travel like us through fluid dynamics. The former are designed to be stable yet hard to maneuver; the latter, instead, are made deliberately unstable in order to be able to maneuver in very tight spaces.

The secretMagazzù MX-11 Coupé, sea trial is to find the right balance between the two things and this Maxi Rib, thanks to its special hull design, has really succeeded in doing that.

Having calibrated my feeling with the boat, I can have fun playing with waves. I go up and down with great naturalness without never slowing down and, despite having to maneuver, I do not deviate from the ideal route. I spend an hour this way, I don’t get tired. I’m still having fun.

Meanwhile, the north wind blowing from the mountains finally starts to lower the waves.

Now, I can speed up to cover our last miles at 35 knots.

Comfort is great, I do not feel the cold air on my chest and, protected my the steering console, I enjoy my comfortable driving position. The deck remains perfectly dry, despite the wind.

My two travel companions start to enjoy navigation, one sitting in the stern, the other lying on the cabin bed: he is even sleeping, totally undisturbed.

Magazzù MX-11 Coupé, Monaco Yacht ShowSailing this way is a true pleasure; in fact, I leave the helm only at the last minute and reluctantly. I inspect the exteriors of the boat and I notice that no cushion has moved during the travel. I try to raise the cushions of the stern sun pad to see how they are secured to the structure and I realize that they are fitted with a functional system of sliding rails which efficiently prevent them from flying away.

We finally arrive in Monaco. The city is ready to host the Super Yacht Show. In a quay crowded with many incredible yachts, we leave the keys to the driver who, with the Magazzù MX – 11 Coupé, will accompany many of the boat show visitors.

Looking at the clock, we make the last point of the our travel: three hours of navigation, at an average speed of 25 knots. Not bad in such sea and weather conditions. I even feel rested and ready to face a long day at the boat show.

This MX-11 Coupé is a great inflatable boat, I’m sorry to leave her.

The Magazzù MX – 11 CoupéMagazzù MX-11 Coupé, engine

The starting point for a description of this boat is inevitably represented by its lines. Sleek and elegant, they are never too aggressive. The Mx-11 Coupé is not only eye-catching but is also able to continue to draw attention with a delicate balance of forms, colours and materials.

Another important strength lies in the attention that the shipyard has devoted to the design and creations of the details, including the smallest ones. To realize that, it is sufficient to stop and observe some special solutions like the side stainless steel gratings for engine ventilation, whose holes recall the logo of the shipyard.

The MX-11 Coupé combines a fascinating look, excellent seaworthiness and wide living spaces, both on and below deck, where we can find a comfortable cabin equipped with separate bathroom.

Magazzù MX-11 Coupé, cabinThese characteristics make this Maxi RIB the ideal option  both to pamper the guests during a luxury day outing and to give unforgettable cruises to a couple that, after having caught the eyes of all while entering the port, can now stay on board, wrapped by the charm that only a Magazzù yacht can offer.

Moreover, the MX-11 we have tested is equipped with a beautiful carbon hard top that can extend towards the stern. This allows to cover even the central part of the cockpit and, therefore, the area that houses the wet bar positioned just behind the console, the removable dining table and the C-shaped seat placed next to the stern sun pad.

The result is a luxury open-space lounge where the guests can enjoy full protection from the sun. If, on the contrary, you want to sunbathe, the Magazzù MX-11 Coupé offers two sunbathing platforms. The forward one has a classic configuration with a very large pad.

The aft one, instead, deserves a separate discussion. Within just 11 meters, in fact, Magazzù has managed to create a true beach area, where the stern platform and the sun pad form an area where the contact with the sea is precious, elegant and unique.


The attribute Magazzù MX-11 Coupé, beach area” Coupe” perfectly adapts to the MX-11 since this boat is luxury, sporty, easy-to-steer and elegant. If she was a car, she would certainly be a Bugatti.

If we could, we would even add the acronym “GT” because the boat also proved to be very comfortable and funny at sea, despite the harsh conditions and the long distance we covered.

Moreover, considering that the Magazzù MX-11 is also a cabin cruiser, we could define her as a true all-around that has no problems ix excelling in the multiple uses which she is designed for.

Even if the first reason why people choose Magazzù is that they fell in love with these boats at first sight.

Magazzù MX – 11 Coupé : technical specs

L.O. A 11.00 m
L.H. 9.90 m
Max Beam 3.80 m
Water 360 l
Fuel 2 x370 l
N° Pax 18
Engines max 900 HP
Speed up to 60 kts
Sterndrive or outboard
Homologation CE – B cat.

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90143, Palermo

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