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When we have or rent a boat for our holidays, we have a lot of things to do: checks, maintenance works, cleaning, research of the suitable workers, and so on. But everything becomes easier in Marina di Varazze, when shipowners can literally “forget their boat” in the harbour and enjoy a complete service package properly called “Serenity Package”.

It’s an interesting formula which makes Marina di Varazze an excellent reference point for all services a shipowner can need in terms of maintenance, assistance and safety. The new formula follows the previous successful one of last year but it is now more complete and different according to the type of boat: sailing or motor boat, with two hulls, from 5 up to 20 metres.

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“Serenity Package” is especially conceived for all those who have a sailing or motor boat from 14 to 20 metres and it offers lots of services, such as mooring control, washing, boat opening and closing, engine and air-conditioned inspection, bilge and levels check, batteries and water levels control, safety, estimates, engine inspection and slipway assistance.

The other proposals of Matina di Varazze are:

– Flex Time: high flexibility in the mooring periods for yachts which are over 20 metres long

  • En Plein Soleil: a comfortable and cheap manoeuvring area dedicated to boats with a length up to 16 metres.
  • Up to 12: special prices for smaller boats, from 5 to 12 metres
  • The Year of the Cat: two-for-one pools and parking space. Dedicated to catamarans.

The harbour offers even a VIP service, called Luxury Concierge, which makes the marina staff available to satisfy all needs: babysitting, pantry, tour organisation, beauty treatments, hotel and tranfer booking, technical assistance.

Marina di Varazze, deigned and built with the participation of Azimut-Benetti Group, is provided with 12 fixed jetties and 3 floating ones offering 800 moorings in total. On the land, 900 parking spaces and 30 apartments.

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