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During our visit to Mets, we meet the stand of Mase Generators, one among the most prestigious Italian brands in the field of on-board power production.

In particular, we notice a small generator with a very particular name: GAS 3.0 COMPACT. We approach and ask for further information to a man who, with a satisfied smile, replies us willingly.

“ We finished this product just few weeks before METS, we brought it with us and we exhibited it since it represents a real innovation. It’s a gas-fuelled two-stroke generator, a real news”Mase generatori gas 3.0

– says Dino Salvemini, Vice president of Mase Generators Spa.

“Its installation is very simple. You only need a normal gas tank or a derivation from that already existing aboard. Weight and sizes are lower than traditional models”

But, as you know, we are always skeptical by nature so we decide to take a model roughly equivalent in terms of energy production, IS 3.5, and we compare it with new GAS 3.0 Compact.

IS 3,5 50 Hz
GAS 3.0 Compact 50 Hz
Max Power  3 kw  2.8 kw  – 0.2 kw
Continuous Power  2.8 kw  2.3 kw  -0.5 kw
Cubic Capacity  320 cc  175 cc  – 145 cc
Number of cylinders 1  1
Revolutions 3000  1700 – 2500
Fuel consumption  1.3 lt/h  1.12 lt/h  – 0.18
Length  590 mm  500 mm  – 90 mm
Width  406 mm  380 mm  – 26 mm
Height  515 mm  368 mm  -147 mm
Weight  96 kg  35 kg  – 61 kg
Sound Pressure  54 dB  48 dB  – 6 dB

Mase generatori gas 3.0 apertoAccording to this table, advantages are really remarkable, the overall weight is radically decreased and the new gas generator weights less than the half of its traditional equivalent! The same applies to sizes: they, too, have considerably decreased.

It is still to clarified what kind of range would have the generator provided with a traditional gas tank, with a weight of 5 kg, for example. Empirically, we see that GPL has a specific weight of 0.5 kg/l, so, at full power, it would use 0.56 kg/h.

We ask Mase Generators to confirm these data, considering that the newborn GAS 3.0 Compact is also equipped with an electronic speed controller which adjusts to the instantaneous power required.

What is certain is that we’re talking about a product which ensures a lower operational cost and a low environmental impact.

Price hasn’t unfortunately been revealed yet. But, don’t worry, we will inform you!



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