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Massimo Jannone : Rio Yachts and China, a perfect match

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Massimo Jannone takes Rio Yachts’ colours to China

To takeRio Yachts China Made in Italy values to the world is not something that everyone can do. Many think that to place the Italian flag on a product is enough to make it a success effortlessly.

However, both because of the well-established global nature of market and because of the excellent competition from North-European boat manufacturers, the first condition to be successful lies in the capacity to build boats that are excellent in all respects.

This is the case of Rio Yachts that combines high-quality building and the capacity to custom boats on the basis of its own customers’ needs and tastes.

It is therefore not surprising that this brand is increasingly more popular all around the world and, as we will see later, it has just landed in one among the most distant countries at both geographical and cultural level.

Rio Yachts' teamCurious to know how different China is from the rest of the world, we interviewed Rio Yachts Commercial Director Massimo Jannone who, just returned from the China Rendez-Vous in Hainan, answered our questions.

Rio Yachts is increasingly more global. After having strengthened your presence in the USA, now you even land in China. How has this market welcomed you?

We’ve been well received, for many reasons. Here, Made in Italy has a significant added value and is synonymous with beauty and luxury. The Espera 34 exhibited at the China Rendez-Vous, strongly customized as many among our boats, was particularly appreciated by the audience. Our Chinese importer, Vastar Yachts, has set up a really beautiful exhibition and the unveiling ceremony was exciting. Our boats arise the attention of both those who haven’t a boat yet and experienced boat owners.

What are the most popular boat sizes in China?

Our importerChina Rendez-Vous is highly experienced, well-known and has offices in Hainan and Shanghai. From his experience, I can say that there are no limits in terms of boat size in China. Boat owners have already developed and understood clear ideas about the use of their own boats. The only limits are represented by the fact that the market is not mature yet. But this is also a great opportunity”.

When one is so far, both in geographical and cultural terms, from his own country, the question arises: what’s the strangest thing, in nautical terms of course, you have seen in China?

Among the many different things, what astonished me the most was a passenger boat covered with led lights. She impressed me, so I photographed her with my smartphone. I’ll show you her”.

But we, who were even more curious to know the details of such a different country, we insisted to know more. What we obtained is the following video where you can see the unveiling ceremony of the beautiful Espera 34 that, in her charcoal silver livery, captured visitors’ attention while the countdown was done in Chinese language.

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