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A website which perfectly reflects the image and character of the world it deals with. This is, the website dedicated to the discovery of OceaNemo range, the series of Sport Utility Yachts designed by the architect Fulvio de Simoni. The new website is provided with a responsive graphic interface which invites the user to surf among the secrets of these new boats and their design philosophy.

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With the Sport Utility Yacht concept, OceaNemo has produced a great innovation which is evident in the new website, featured by a contemporary layout hosting the boats’ main features, the innovative aspects and the results of the partnership between the French Ocea shipbuilder, the designer Fulvio de Simoni and Aldo Manna, CEO of MC Yacht International.

Of course, much attention is payed to the first model presented to the world, OceaNemo 44. This yacht is illustrated through a video projecting the visitor inside OceaNemo44, in a high emotional virtual reality.

The websites contains a lot of pictures, technical files and general plans of the complete line, from the biggest yacht of the group (65 m) to the smallest one (32 m), together with the presentation of all partners who have contributed to OceaNemo project and the inventors and producers of all the gadgets, amenities and toys that can be boarded. All toys are classified in different typologies and supplied with photos and videos in order to give the customer a clear idea of all the sport and entertainment activities he can enjoy during his cruise.

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An entire section of the website is dedicated to Ocea, the essential partner of the general project which the innovative Sport Utility Yachts concept comes from. Roland Jossard, CEO of Ocea, has declared:

We are extremely proud that Aldo Manna, CEO of MC Yacht International, chose us to create the first Sport Utility Yacht never built before. Ocea is concretely involved into the development of the project and our technical department is ready to pass to the further step and start the construction of the first model. Our long experience, in both military and yachting field, allows us to provide our customers with all the necessary knowledges, from engineering to the use of the most advanced technologies and materials, to produce any kind of boat, with the guarantee of the highest construction standards. We believe in Aldo Manna’s idea: his Sport Utility Yacht concept is something absolutely innovative that, we think, will transform leisure yacht market”


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