MCY76 Sea trial

MCY 76 . Sea trial for the last Monte Carlo Yachts’ creation

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MCY 76 : The flagship of the new Vision range

MCY76 at seaDespite having inherited the acronym of her predecessor, the MCY 76 is a completely new boat.

The launch of this boat not only marks an important achievement for Monte Carlo Yachts but also closes, at least for the moment, the new Vision series, the last masterpiece by the Nuvolari Lenard design studio.

The new MCY 76, in fact, succeeds in setting new and very high standards of beauty and refinement, elegance and design while remaining in clear contact with the previous models.

We’re talking about an extraordinary boat that we looked forward to testing in its natural element: the sea.

MCY 76 Sea trial

The stretch of water in MCY76 Testfront of Trieste offers us perfect weather conditions. A light breeze is blowing from south-east, filling the gulf and slightly rippling the sea.

Leaving Monfacone, we proceed slowly; the MCY 76 sails, silent and safe, between the buoys delimiting the channel that leads us to the open sea.

We’re sailing at 6 knots. The noise of the two MAN V12 1400 engines is almost imperceptible inside the boat.

As we’re free from the speed limits, we pull the gas throttle down and launch the MCY 76 in order to collect all speed and consumption data. At little less than 12 knots, at 1,200 rpm, we get the boat on plane with a fuel consumption of 8.4 l/nm.

We go on accelerating until we reach a top speed of 26 knots. The yacht is stable, precise and comfortable, just as a 23-meter 52-ton yachts should be.

MCY76 navigationThe interior noise level is never annoying as the number of engine revolutions increases, I can talk to my colleagues as if I were in my living room.

This is an important point in favor of the shipyard since it is not easy to reach such a soundproofing level, especially if we consider that the boat is powered by two V12 engines, 1,400HP each.

I continue my test by climbing on the flybridge. This is definitely the favorite place for owners to steer the boat on a day as beautiful as this.

I reach the helm station walking the upper deck that is an additional fully-equipped living area, sheltered by an elegant Hard-Top, whose structure is made of carbon.

From here, MCY76 FlybridgeI start to perform a series of turns, I tighten the radius more and more until I draw a perfect circle at a speed of 20 knots. The boat remains stable, we pass through the few waves we encounter almost without realizing that while the deck remains always dry.

However, it’s when I slow down that the new MCY 76 amazes me. This new hull has a brilliant sailing capacity even at displacement speed, which is really unexpected on a Flybridge model. The boat, indeed, can sail between 8 and 10 knots with a very low fuel consumption, great stability and unparalleled comfort.

These are precious ingredients for night navigation and long-range cruises, the “dulcis in fundo” of a boat that convinced us in every way.

Monte Carlo Yachts MCY 76 – Description

As we enter the interiors of the main deck, we are welcomed by a very bright environment characterized by a series of windows that guarantee a two-way communication between inside and outside.

MCY76, salonThe light shades of this area are warmed by a clever use of wood and return an overall vision that is light and luxury at the same time.

This huge space is furnished with some sofas that, facing some armchairs of contrasting colours, give character to this elegant and particular environment.

Continuing our tour, we find a central dining area with a galley equipped with a U-shaped worktop and a table for six with breath-taking view on the sea. Here, the element that acts as a link between the galley and the table is marble, the precious material used for both tops.

Forward, between the console and the point of access to the lower deck, a cabinet houses a hidden piano. This is a detail made at the owner’s request which gives an idea of how the shipyard is available to customize its boats.

MCY76, master cabinMCY76, master cabin bathroom

Going down the staircase, positioned on the right of the control console, you enter the lower deck.

The Master Cabin is located towards the stern, in a central position, to make the most of the nearly six-meter maximum width offered by the MCY 76.

The master suite is huge and beautiful. The interior design perfectly exploits every single square centimeter of this area, managing to host a suite that, in terms of spaces and equipment, has little to envy to a superyacht’s one.

The king-size bed is surrounded by large walkways, at the borders of which there is a desk / boiserie and a sofa which, given the size and the construction of the armrests, can also be used as a chaise longue.

The lateral boundaries of the Master Cabin are embellished by the windows that design the style that characterizes all Monte Carlo Yachts.

A large, cleverly positioned walk-in closet is simultaneously at the service of the cabin and the bathroom dedicated to it: another design masterpiece.

The lower deck layout is completed by three cabins: two double and a VIP one positioned in the bow section, all equipped with private bathroom.

The crew cabin, situated aft, has three berths, a toilet and a fully-equipped galley.

MCY76, VIP cabinMCY76, VIP cabin bathroom

To describe the exteriors of the MCY 76, we must mention its bow section first. The walkway that splits the Portuguese deck is a disruptive scenographic effect, a true hallmark of all Monte Carlo Yachts, introduced by Nuvolari Lenard.

Climbing on the flybridge, in the shadow of the above-mentioned Hard Top, we find a special area equipped with all you may wish to enjoy both relaxing moments and glamorous nights. It is equipped with an additional galley, two tables surrounded by sofas and, in the stern section, a large sunbathing platform with two soft chaises longues.

MCY76, bow lounge

Monte Carlo Yachts MCY 76 – Performance

Sea Trial Conditions: calm sea, light breeze, 12 passengers on board, fuel tank at 50%.

Engines: 2 X MAN V12 1400

600 6 5
800 8.7 7.3
1,200 11.8 8.4
1,500 14 15.7
1,600 14.8 16.2
1,700 16.5 16.9
1,800 17.9 17.8
1,900 19.6 17.6
2,000 21.4 19
2,100 22.8 19.8
2,200 24 20
2,324 26 20.7
Min. Planing Speed 11.5

Technical Specs

LOA 23.06m
Width 5.75 m
Weight 52 t
Fuel Tank Capacity 5,00 l
Water Tank Capacity 1,000 l
Engines 2 x MANN V12 1400 or 2 x MANN V12 1550
CE Category A
Construction Materials fiberglass, Kevlar, Carbon Fiber
Naval architecture and engineering Monte Carlo Yachts
Interior and Exterior Design Nuvolari Lenard

Monte Carlo Yachts Spa
Via Consiglio d’Europa 90
34074 Monfalcone (GO), Italia
t. +39 0481 283111
f. +39 0481 283500


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