Merry Fisher 1295 Fly Sea Trial. The simplicity of experiencing the sea to the full

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Jeanneau‘s new flagship Merry Fisher 1295 FLY has come to impress. A concentrate of style, functionality and maneuverability allow this Flybridge to fully adapt and meet the most diverse requirements.
In one word we could say it is a
versatile boat, but it is not just that… Merry Fisher 1295 is much, much more.

Merry Fisher 1295 Fly Sea Trial

Today’s day is certainly not one of the best here in Cannes, the true wind is blowing at about 18 knots and the sea is rough with waves sometimes higher than a meter. The sky is cloudy and a few drops of rain come through every now and then, which also explains why it’s so cold for being April…strange weather for the French Riviera, in short, but perfect for putting Merry Fisher 1295 Fly to the test in conditions far from classic summer cruising.

We turn Merry-Fisher-1295-Fly-sternthe three Yamaha 300HP outboards on and leave the harbor at 4 knots, using only the joystick, which proves very useful for both forward sailing and for directing the boat at low speeds. Each movement allows easy control of the boat: if the joystick is turned once, the bow rotates one degree; if it is kept rotated, the degrees go down 5 in 5; finally, if the lever is pushed sideways, the degrees go down 10 in 10.

This is a practical and convenient function to avoid having to use the helm and throttles to leave and re-enter the port, perfectly complying with navigation regulations, thanks also to the cruise function that can be activated.

As soon as we get out of the harbor, the real test begins: we have the sea against us, and the wind as well, and the thing I immediately perceive is an incredible stability of the hull, an impressive smoothness in slicing through the waves, and at 11.7 knots, the boats gets up on plane.

I take the helm of the Merry Fisher 1295 and at 30 knots against sea and wind the boat behaves very well: never a splash, never a swerve, and the waves, though challenging, do not slam on the hull.
The smoothness in sailing of this Flybridge excites me and, with a little more decision, I perform a few turns to starboard at 26 knots: the boat is stable, reliable and safe. Here, this is another peculiarity of the Merry Fisher 1295: even when the seas get tricky, the guests on board always feel safe, which is not to be taken for granted.

Changing tflybridge testhe helm seat, I tried to steer the boat from the flybridge, which surely during the summer time is the best place to position yourself to enjoy the sun and the cool wind on your skin. The sailing from up here is different, from this perspective it is harder to see the waves, but the Merry Fisher 1295’s performance is the same: the 45-degree wave impact passed with flying colors, it remains stable and is surprisingly smooth for a 13-meter boat.

Having been tested on such a difficult day, it can absolutely be said that Merry Fisher 1295 is a boat that can adapt well to the most diverse conditions, showing its versatility not only in the owner uses, but also in sailing, which is possible all year round.

While in the warmer months she will certainly be able to provide fun and comfort from her flybridge, even in the colder period she can be safely and comfortably used thanks to her well-protected interior helm station, which guarantees optimal 360-degree visibility, thanks to its large windows.



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Discovering the Merry Fisher 1295 Fly


Comfort and elegance are the watchwords for the new Merry Fisher 1295, and already from the exteriors you can guess why: a hull with modern lines and large windows, ample space fore and aft, considerable headroom both outside and inside, easily accessible flybridge… and much more!

Now let’s take a closer look at the model born from the hands of Jeanneau designers and the Centowski & Denert Studio Design: at the stern the 3 Yamaha 300 HP outboard engines immediately stand out, flanked on their right by the passageway for guests’ ascent and descent from which the cockpit opens directly.

A large L-shaped settee with a table in the middle makes up the aft cockpit, and thanks to the electric deck to starboard, the space for easy movement increases considerably, also becoming a convenient access point to the water. On the port side, on the other hand, the opening side hatch allows easy guest boarding.

The side-decks are asymmetrical; the port one is rather narrow, while the starboard one is wide and more suitable for moving around on board. The aft cockpit is also the access point to the flybridge, which is accessed via a step ladder, which can also be attached to the wall to be least in the way.

The flybridge has a comfortable helm station on the right, a U-shaped settee with table featuring a seat with a backrest that swivels toward gear, to provide company for the captain. In front of the helm console is a second sundeck, where two adults can comfortably lie down. The entire flybridge area is covered with a fabric bimini, making it perfect during the summertime and livable in a number of situations: for eating, sunbathing, driving or simply enjoying a relaxing moment on board.The starboard side-deck leads safely to the bow with steel handrails which give a sense of protection even when sailing in rough sea, being positioned quite high. The bow accommodates a large sunbathing area consisting of three wide sunbeds that provide relaxation and comfort by moving a bit away from the aft living area and where there are also two seats on either side of the windlass.


The great identifying feature of the Merry Fisher range are the large 360-degree windows found in all boats of the line, but which on this flagship, have had the most magnificent of achievements.
In the stern, the exterior settee blends with the interior thanks to the large sliding glass doors that separate the cockpit from the galley. When the windows are open, one large communicating space is created, convenient for having anything we might need at hand.

Merry Fisher 1295 Fly living

Entering, to the left, is an elegant U-shaped galley with a simple style that conceals clever solutions, such as the fold-down shelf that opens outward where bottles or other items can be placed without taking up the dining table. Also on the left is a U-shaped sofa with a large table, which can be used for eating when the weather is bad or when seeking the coolness of air conditioning as the heat makes any outdoor activity unbearable.

To the right of the front door is an elegant piece of furniture, which serves as a storage space, as a foothold for the television, and hides the control panel for the Seakeeper 3 gyro stabilizer. We tested the actual operation of the stabilizer and it held up perfectly in the bad weather and waves we found ourselves in, and the lithium battery life with which it is equipped is also very interesting: a full day, which is a lot for such a tool!

Specular to the interior settee, on the right, we find the comfortable helm station, containing all the control instruments, screens, joysticks and an unusual variation to be found on a boat of this size: the sliding driver’s door, from which one can easily switch from bow to stern and moor even when alone.

In the center of the room, the corridor leads us to the cabins: the Master Cabin is immediately visible in the bow, large, spacious and with a private bathroom that also has a separate shower. The headroom is remarkable and what is impressive is the amount of light in the cabin thanks, filtering from the large windows, makes this room really airy.

To the right and left of the corridor are two more Twin Cabins with two single beds and a shared bathroom, also with separate shower. The spaces are really comfortable, and the decor is modern and minimal, focusing on a neutral color palette that fits well with the style of the whole boat.


In Europe, the Merry Fisher range is known for being the benchmark of design, performance and comfort on board in all sea conditions. That’s what amazed me about this flagship: she is a multi-purpose boat that can be used at different times of the year, in different conditions and for different purposes, but always managing to give a feeling of safety, comfort and refinement on board. Certainly the large windows allow this boat to be successful on all fronts, giving a great sense of freedom and light even when inside.

When sailing it performs very well, it is maneuverable, precise and cushions waves very well when they arise. The price then, is really attractive: from 415,000€ including taxes. In conclusion, Merry Fisher 1295 Fly is the perfect boat to enjoy a day with family or friends in the middle of the sea both summer and winter.


Technical Specs


12.41 m


11.92 m

Max Beam

3.80 m


0.76 m

Engine tested

3×300 CV

Fuel Tank

1174 L

Water Tank

400 L

Design Category




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