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“Monaco Capital of Advanced Yachting” looks to the future of yachting

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The “Monaco Capital of Yachting” project is now ten years old and looking to the future, taking the opportunity to change its name to “Monaco, Capital of Advanced Yachting“. The Yacht Club of Monaco has recently celebrated the launching ceremony, the setting for which – and it could not have been otherwise – was the fifth edition of Monaco Ocean Week, organized by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation at the Oceanographic Institute and the Scientific Centre of the Principality of Monaco. During the event, there was a lengthy discussion on the challenges and technological innovations that motorboat production will have to face in the coming years in order to reduce polluting emissions and thus contribute to halting global warming: these very issues are at the heart of the rebranding “Monaco, Capital of Advanced Yachting”.

Launched in 2012, the ‘Monaco Capital of Yachting’ project started as a kind of brand network with the aim of strengthening the reputation of the Principality of Monaco as a centre of excellence in the yachting sector. “From a simple vision to raise awareness among local players ” explained Prince Albert II, President of the Yacht Club of Monaco, during the celebrations, “it quickly became apparent that this approach was an obvious one for the Principality. I am convinced of the efficacy of collectively signing up to the Monaco, Capital of Advanced Yachting approach to formalize our commitment through this brand, as a tool to leverage international influence “.

I intend to encourage and promote our tradition for innovation – continues Prince Albert II of Monaco – which relies on technological progress to build a responsible future for yachting, in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals which I share through my Foundation. The guiding principle is synonymous with growth that respects the environment, by realizing that sustainable development is not a constraint but a lever that can improve the sector’s resilience, generate added value, and contribute to a healthy ecosystem and strong community.

Monaco-Capital-of-Advanced-Yachting-ceremonyOther authorities from the Principality also took part in the ceremony to launch the “Monaco Capital of Advanced Yachting” project, including Minister Pierre Dartout, who stressed the importance for Monaco of “staying ahead on economic and environmental issues. We must mobilise all stakeholders. There are nearly 1,000 jobs in Monaco in the yachting sector. It is an essential factor in our attractiveness, as the Principality offers an exceptional network of the many different professions operating in this industry”

Even more specific about the objectives to be achieved was the Minister for Public Works, the Environment and Urban Development, Céline Caron-Dagioni: “Building an eco-responsible yachting sector can only be considered in concert with all partners. We must all be on board with this theme to meet our commitments to reduce greenhouse gases. A reminder that this is under 55% by 2030 and to be carbon neutral by 2050 “.

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