Monte Carlo Yachts MCY66

Monte Carlo Yachts MCY 66 Sea Trial

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Monte Carlo Yachts MCY 66 sailing

Climbing on board the brand-new Monte Carlo Yachts MCY 66 with her designer is an unmissable opportunity. The presence of Dan Lenard enables us to fully understand the many peculiarities that this yacht encapsulates and that, because of its beauty, would risk being overshadowed.

The first of these characteristics – excuse the venality of my statement – is related to the value for money of this yacht that, built with extreme care and qualities that are typical of superyachts only, is offered for sale at a price inexplicably aligned with the rest of the market.

Monte Carlo Yachts MCY 66, bow All this is made possible by anMonte Carlo Yachts MCY 66, fore sundeckinnovative construction technique for which Monte Carlo Yachts has created the whole production site from scratch and that combines automation, customization capabilities, technologies and use of valuable materials.

This unique method results into extraordinary boats that, despite the constant search for a refined understatement, cannot hide an important building superiority.

An understatement that becomes more evident in the introduction of the three new models – the MCY 66, the MCY 70 and the MCY 76 – that, despite being completely new, retain the same name of their predecessors, offering a precious and refined continuity of image.

Monte Carlo Yachts MCY 66 Sea Trial

Dan LenardAn enchanting lagoon landscape accompanies our outing on board the MCY 66. The yacht cuts through the calm water gently while we sail the channel that will lead us into the open sea. There are eleven passengers on board, really many, but, as soon as we close the sliding door that divides the salon from the cockpit, everyone can easily find his place to sit.

Soundproofing is excellent, the noise of the twin Man V8 1200 HP engines is barely audible while we sail at a displacement speed of about 10 knots. The construction of the structure is equally good, as demonstrated by the total absence of vibrations that, especially at intermediated speeds, usually affects many other boats.

This 20-meter yacht Luca D'Ambrosiosails firmly and safely; the Nuvolari Lenard  studio has made no compromises in designing it. Moreover, its behaviour is definitively seaworthy even now that we’re sailing in a strong wind that hits the boat on its side.

I climb on the flybridge and get controls. These weather conditions are perfect to test the most exposed driving position. However, despite blasts, the deck of the MCY 66 remains totally dry and protected from water sprays. The flared shape of the bow, made exactly as every bow should be, reflects water flows without exception.

I put my hands on the electronic throttles – Aventics-branded of course – and start to accelerate slowly. I love this soft and precise control system since it allows me to perfectly measure out the great power that the Man V8 engines deliver without hesitation.

MCY 66

I get the Monte Carlo Yachts MCY 66 on plane at 12 knots and the hull immediately gets rid of friction and starts to slide on the water without never changing its trim. I push throttles a little forward and I find myself sailing at 15 knots at just 1,500 rpm with a substantially perfect trim.

MCY 66 on planeThese are precious speeds that not all boats can reach. Sailing between 12 and 16 knots in rough sea is very important. You can enjoy the best comfort, adjusting the speed to sail “with waves” if you are sailing in a following sea and, vice versa, without crashing into waves if you are sailing in a head sea.

I speed up and, at 2,000 rpm, I reach little less than 25 knots, which is another important speed that, at a low rpm, allows fast transfers without sacrificing the navigation comfort that, albeit at this speed, continues to be perfect on board the Monte Carlo Yachts MCY 66.

MCY 66, side-decksWithout slowing down, I perform Monte Carlo Yachts MCY 66, side-decksa series of tight turns. Yes, I know, a flybridge is not made for this, I shouldn’t do that but…. but this fly allows it, so I turn and accelerate again.

Totally unaware of her 20 meters and 40 tons at full charge, the MCY 66 heels and moves within a very tight turn radius. I keep my turning radius until we reach our own wake and, despite the dimensions of waves, the yacht cuts through them without any shocks.

I straighten the rudder and push throttles all down. We reach little more than 31 knots very quickly, I adjust flaps and the yacht accelerates until it reaches the considerable speed of 33.7 knots at 2,380 rpm.

I let the other journalists take the controls and I go down to the main deck and then to the night area.

Peace reigns anywhere,Monte Carlo Yachts MCY 66 at sea the sound level is incredibly low even when my colleagues push throttles all down.

Dan Lenard is with me and, together, we get down the Master Cabin that, despite its proximity to the engine room, enables us to quietly talk about the Atlantic crossing he has just completed.

The Monte Carlo Yachts MCY 66 is a remarkable yacht. She perfectly combines sports performance and high-level comfort.

Capable of impeccable seaworthiness, it is a yacht built without compromises, definitely made to sail.

Monte Carlo Yachts MCY 66 – Description


MCY 66, cockpitIn a world of boats that risk to resemble one other, Monte Carlo Yachts builds boats that are characterized by a unique unmistakable design. They are yachts that create a sense of luxury that never dissociates itself from the concepts of elegance and refinement.

Destined therefore not to show the signs of ageing, these yachts are specially designed to flaunt a beauty that can certainly mature but never grow old. And the MCY 66 is no exception and, a little as it was for Sophie Marceau, she will become more and more charming over time.


Although very important, MCY 66, galleyaesthetics, however, can only partially render justice to the work done by the shipyard and, to realize that, it is sufficient to cross the threshold of the main deck. This area welcomes and amazes at the same time, highlighting the extensive use of refined, natural, luxury and elegant materials.

Marble, wood and leather are masterfully matched and fill the observer’s eyes with a refined beauty that permeates every single environment of this yacht.

The U-shaped galley separates and joins the interiors and the exteriors of the main deck, simply exploiting the total opening of the glass doors.

MCY 66, salonPositioned perfectly, while serving both spaces and shortening distances, the galley also allows the preparations of meals in the most appropriate place for this.

One single step separates the two large salons that characterize this space that, very bright, communicates with the outside thanks to some glass windows that contribute to create evocative views of ever-changing panoramas.

The pilot station, although equipped with all you need to sail, integrates with the overall design while minimizing its presence and maximizing the overall view.

The lower MCY 66, master cabindeck offers a spacious hallway that gives access to both cabins and the bathroom of the twin-bedded cabin that, equipped with double entrance, can also be used as a “daily toilet” and therefore provide the whole night area with extraordinary privacy.

The full-beam Master Cabin uses all the 5.20 meters of width to create a simply huge environment. Closing the access door, the result is a small apartement that, totally independent from the rest of the yacht, is equipped with a private hallway, a large bathroom and a bedroom of over 20 square meters.

MCY 66, VIP cabinOn the sides of the bed – king-sized, of course, and with extra large night tables – we find a sofa and a linear cabinet whose height perfectly matches the presence of side windows that, while flooding the interior with a huge amount of natural light, also represent the distinctive and unmistakable hallmark of these boats.

At the foot of the bed, a refined boiserie and a pop-up tv screen complete the décor of a cabin whose interior architecture matches an an objectively remarkable beauty.

Equally remarkable is the space offered by the Vip cabin that, slightly raised and positioned in the bow, accommodates another king-sized bed as well as abundant spaces and high-level finishes of the same level as the master cabin.


Nuvolari Lenard is MCY 66, fore sun padundoubtedly the author of this particular bow design that, if on one side it improves the safety of on-board circulation when sailing, from the other it creates large relaxation areas characterized by a “penthouse” effect that only flush pools are able to offer.

Joining in the bow on a single central corridor, side-decks give access to these two lateral sun pads that manage to offer uninterrupted horizons and fabulous landscapes.

MCY 66, flybridgeThe Flybridge of the MCY66 is another masterpiece of design. Thanks to an openable hard top, it creates a real upper deck that, made of carbon and equipped with lighting systems, will inevitably become the most appreciated area of the yacht.

Equipped with a huge amount of sofas (each with its specific intended use), it will be the most frequented place both during sailing and at night when, inevitably, it will end up welcoming the most glamorous events of the whole bay.

Monte Carlo Yachts MCY 66 – Performances

RPM Speed in Kn lt/h Lt/Nm
600 6.6 8 1.21
1,000 10.0 42 4.20
1,250 11.7 90 7.69
1,340 12.2 100 8.20 Minimum planing speed
1,500 14.7 150 10.20
1,750 18.7 220 11.76
2,000 24.8 295 11.90
2,100 26.4 325 12.31
2,200 28.4 360 12.68
2,300 31.2 400 12.82
2,380 33.7 440 13.06

Sea Trial Conditions: 11 passengers on board – slightly rough sea – 16/18-knot true wind – fuel capacity at 80%

Technical Specs
Maximum length 20.11 m 66 ft
Maximum beam 5.20 m 17 ft
Dry Displacement 36 tons
Fuel Thank 3.500 l 925 US gal
Water Thank 750 l 198 US gal
Engines 2 x MAN V8 (1000 hp)
2 x MAN V8 (1200 hp)
Design Category CE-A

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