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A real deck saloon, perfect for long periods or, why not, to live in.

Coming from the previous models, 45 and 62, this new creation interpretes their best. Volumes are impressive even if length (17 metres) helps to make all lighter. The deck saloon and the cockpit are on the same level, separated by a sliding door. A bit like on catamarans. And, in fact, spaces and comfort compete with those ones of multihulls.

The hull has modern high vertical shapes and two rudder blades. Its big volumes allow to have large fuel and water tanks which guaratee a good autonomy: 800 litres of water and 520 litres of fuel, wich can even reach 920 litres. As regards the L-shape keel, you can choose betwenn two draughts: 2.65 or 2.25 metres. A 24 Volt bow thruster is standard, while astern manoeuvring propellers (24 Volt) are optional.

The deck

The first thing you’ll notice is the total protection in both the cockpit and the deck. The first one is built-in on the stern, provided with a huge deckhouse protecting against sea and wind. The rigid top has a fabric part and it can be opened by hand. The deck, with its high bulwarks and solid handrails, guarantees a great protection. Gangway are not very wide; the deckhouse, in fact, occupies a lot of space.

moody 54IMG_1911The table and sofas are well-arranged ( in the picture, the table is not provided with retractable wings, as required by the shipowner),the layout is asymmetric and it leaves enough space to interiors. Under the right bench, there is a huge locker, while on the inner bulkhead there are controls and the back-up box of the Electronic Bus system.

As optional, you can have an external kitchen, provided with grill and sink or a small fridge. moody 54IMG_1853

A pilot house openable on sea couldn’t miss. It’s not huge but it works as one of the two access points (the second one is on the cockpit floor) to the big astern locker (if you want, you can even install a tender). The bow line is double and solid, while the sail store sky light has an ample comfortable opening which can be converted into a sailor’s cabin.


Interiors can have three or four cabins. The kitchen can be located under the deck house or on a lower level. Wonderful the light in the ward room thanks to some huge glass windows made by Trend Tempered Glass. About 5 metres long, it is a very comfortable room. Its traditional version has a big U-shaped and well-arranged kitchen. You can even have an inner control position, perfect in bad cold weather. The view from here is perfect. Good the space for electronics and a specific compatment for charts.

moody 54IMG_1918In front of the kitchen, there is the access to a real engine room (accessible through a ladder) which uses the large space under the ward room. Engines and systems are all easy to reach and located at mid-boat. The boat is extremely silent.

From the deck house two ladders lead to the sleeping quarters: a fore shipowner’s cabin is provided with a private bathroom, while two other double rooms ( a double room and a twin-bed room) share the same bathroom; an astern fourth cabin offer other two beds. There are lockers and drawers anywhere and heights always reach 2 metres ( only in the fore cabin they are 177 cm)


The sailing area is small, the rollable mainsail is 81.50 square metres, while the self-tacking jib is 65 square meters (genoa is 135%, gennaker and code 0 trim on the solid bowline). Put it that way, one wouldn’t expect high performances, especially considering volumes and weight. But Moody 54 DS was a surprise. We turned the engine off with a real wind of 10 knots and the boat moved with no problem. During the day, wind reached over 20 knots. In these conditions, by using the whole mainsail and small jib, the boat manages to use all its power. Displacement and speed increase as it moves on. So, we touched 6-8 knots by sailing upwind and we reached 9 knots by running free.

The sterring wheels are lateral and high, so you have a good view of sails, while there is a poor view of bow. In front of them, there are two consoles where you can put equipments. Winches are on your hand. The seats are distant but you can recline the back. The wheel system provides for a fast unblocking, in case of rupture, of one of the two blades so that you can go on sailing with no problem.

The boat is provided with a 150 hp engine; the crusing speed is 8 knots while the maximu one is 10.

Technical file

moody 54 DS layoutmoody 54 DS layout2

Overall length 17.10 m
Beam 5.20 m
Displacement 24,500 kg
Ballast 7 t
Draught 2.65/2.25 m
Fuel Tank 520 l
Mainsail 81.50 sq.m.
Jib 65 sq.m.
Genoa 79 sq.m.
Water Tank 810 l
Engine Volvo 150 hp
CE Category A
Design  Dixon YD

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