a boat sinks in Naples

Naples, a boat sinks just a few meters from the seafront. The video

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Naples, a boat sinks

A boat is sinking in the Gulf of Naples. In the waters of the port of Mergellina, the bow of a boat which, day by day, is being swallowed up by the waters can be seen for some days.

Some local personalities have commented on the situation, worried about the dangerous and unexpected consequences in terms of public safety and environmental protection. The last comment was by radio speaker Gianni Simioli who exacerbated the argument on the social networks: ”  Shame on you, remove it immediately“, he wrote. The prompt response came from city council member Mr. Vernetti, who pointed out that the removal of the sunken boat is a more difficult operation than it seems: “The owner has moved to Milan“, said the councilor.

Naples: a boat is sinking

The regional councilor Francesco Emilio Borelli went personally to the place and released some worried declarations:

For some days, in the waters of the port of Mergellina, a boat has been sinking. As the hours go by, the boat sinks more and more and we are particularly worried because of the presence of propellant in the tanks that could disperse in the sea following the definitive sinking. This is why we sent a note to the Port Authority to make sure that the wreck is removed as soon as possible, to the detriment of the owner.

We can’t risk the boat turning into an ecologic bomb. It is necessary to take action as soon as possible to ensure that there are no risks to an ecosystem that has already been penalized by the continuous spills of toxic substances from the mainland and reached the sea through the drainage channels that flow into the small port of Mergellina ”.

The boat has been sinking for more than a week, and sank due to a wave of bad weather that caused a storm. In recent days, the reports of citizens have increased, and the appeals multiplied, so that the vessel is at least brought back to shore to prevent it from sinking definitively in the coming days.

The authorities, which have repeatedly justified themselves by explaining the technical complexity of a prompt removal, have not been able to appease the minds of the Neapolitans and tourists, who are forced to deal with a derelict who disfigures the landscape and makes bat trips  extremely dangerous. Several times, in fact, in addition to the institutions, citizens have also stressed the danger of environmental damage due to the fact that the boat has been losing fuel for days.

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