Naumatec E-Tender 460
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Naumatec E-Tender 460

We had already caught a glimpse of her at Naumatec E-tender 460 bowCannes Yachting Festival last September but it was only at Boot Dusseldorf that we took our time to analyze what was launched as an eco-friendly luxury tender. We’re talking about the new E-Tender 460, powered by an electric inboard-outboard engine developed by Huracan, an Italian company based in the province of Venice.

This new boat was built by Naumatec, a brand specialized in the construction of luxury tenders which was acquired by Nuova Jolly Marine in 2016.

Conceived by Federico Fiorentino, who took care of both waterlines and deck, the boat features an unparalleled, sophiticated design. 4.60 meters long and 2 meters wide, the E-tender can accommodate up to 6 adults and features a dry displacement of 480 kg. Compact and relatively light, she can be conveniently accommodated in the garage of a megayacht.

Naumatec Mariapia Vettori
Mariapia Vettori, Naumatec

The most innovative aspect lies in the propulsion system, of course. The standard version includes a 15 kW engine with single battery but the owner can opt for a 30 kW motor powered by twin batteries.

Silent and with zero emissions, the boat is 100% eco-friendly and allowed to enter even protected marine areas. For this purpose, Huracan has developed, specifically for Naumatec, an innovative mobile trim-equipped stern drive that can guarantee a very low steering radius and remarkable handling even in reverse.

The result of long-term studies and tests, the hull ensures great performances in terms of both speed – top speed is about 20 knots – and range, which, at this speed, is more than one hour and can even increase exponentially if the boat sails at lower speeds.

The new E-tender  is built with theNaumatec E Tender 460 infusion technology of resin in vacuum, a methodology that ensures greater mechanical strength with a smaller hull weight. The E-tender  is built with a special D-shape hypalon tubular that performs not only its natural floating function but also that of fender.

Sturdiness is one of the key features of this luxury tender. Hull and deck are joint together through a set of special structural adhesives while all sections subject to major stress are solidly linked to each other thanks to advanced building technologies which guarantee not only excellent sturdiness but even a weight which is about 20-30% lighter than models of the same size. The deck layout features sober, elegant lines, with an aft sofa serving as pilot station, a settee positioned before the steering console and a V-shaped settee forward.

Naumatec E-Tender 460 – Technical Specifications

Length Overall                     4.60 m

External Width                    2.00 m

Inner Width                         1.43 m

Passenger Capacity                 6 people

Propulsion System             electric, Brushless 15-30 kW

Battery                                  LI.FE.PO  250V 13kW

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