Navaltecnosud Boat Stand: the global forefront in shipyard equipment

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In the scenario of the Italian boating industry, one name stands out for its constant pursuit of excellence and technological innovation, widely recognized and appreciated worldwide: Navaltecnosud Boat Stand. Founded in Puglia by Roberto Spadavecchia, the company manufactures cradles and stands for shipyards that are used to support boats during maintenance or docking; over time, it has earned a solid global reputation in the sector thanks to its dedication to quality, safety, and sustainability. The opportunity to demonstrate this was once again offered by the recent Miami and Dubai international boat shows, two important international stages where Navaltecnosud Boat Stand showcased the excellence of Made in Italy boating industry.


Navaltecnosud Boat Stand was founded with a clear mission: to provide cutting-edge solutions that meet the needs of shipyards while adhering to the highest standards of quality and safety. This goal has been fully achieved thanks to the dedication of founder Roberto Spadavecchia and the important investments that have established the company as a stable partner for all the top shipyards worldwide, from Europe to Australia, from the Middle East to the Caribbean. This success is largely due to a widespread presence at the various international boat shows, combined with the excellent value proposition of its products and the extensive customization options, which have garnered great appreciation from visitors at both the Dubai International Boat Show and the Miami International Boat Show.

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Technological innovation and customer focus

One of the distinctive features of Navaltecnosud Boat Stand is its constant pursuit and use of innovative technologies and attention to quality certifications. The company, indeed, consistently invests in research and development to ensure that its equipment is at the forefront in terms of safety, practicality, and environmental sustainability, from design to final delivery. Furthermore, to ensure a high level of quality, Navaltecnosud relies on rigorous certifications both at the corporate level and for individual products.

Last but not least, Navaltecnosud Boat Stand always places the customer at the center of its activities, working closely with shipyards to understand their needs and provide custom solutions that fully meet their expectations, whether for small boats or superyachts. Thanks to its flexibility and ability to quickly adapt to market demands through high custom production, Navaltecnosud has established strong relationships with a wide range of companies worldwide, which continue to choose the brand for their needs.


Navaltecnosud Boat Stand : future plans

Following its successful participation in the Dubai and Miami boat shows, Navaltecnosud Boat Stand looks to the future with a constant focus on innovation and sustainability to remain competitive in the global market. In addition to the stands that have made it famous in shipyards worldwide, the company recently introduced new cabins for winter storage, painting, and boat racks, which are gaining excellent traction. Manufactured with both fixed and movable models, with wheels for smaller boats and rails for larger ones, Navaltecnosud cabins are becoming increasingly popular, meeting the growing demand from shipyards that prefer to work indoors and from boat owners who insist on having their boats covered for storage. In short, another successful product that will undoubtedly contribute to the extraordinary global growth of this virtuous Italian company.

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