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4 Top Reasons American boaters adore Absolute Yacht’s Navetta line

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4 Top Reasons American boaters adore Absolute Yacht’s Navetta line.

The esteemed Italian shipyard Absolute Yachts is headquartered close to Piacenza, in the town of Podenzano, but the manufacturer’s hottest-selling commodity aka “The Navetta” can be spotted gracing waterways around the world. One such popular maritime destination where the gem continues to gain traction painting the waters with its abundant presence is across the United States. On the West Coast, the overflow of Navettas (noticeable in a range of sizes) sailing the Pacific Ocean is in part thanks to SeaNet Company Inc.

Specializing in premium yacht sales for over two decades with joint locations in Seattle, Washington, and Newport Beach, California, SeaNet serves as the region’s U.S. dealer for Absolute Yachts. On account of this, it was our great fortune at The International Yachting Media to have the opportunity to converse with CEO and founder Michael Costa, the gentleman who without doubt, understands this target market best.

Shedding light on how the European yacht maker established itself across the pond illuminating Pacific waters, we call attention to the four top reasons American boaters are drawn to the Absolute Yachts Navetta, and how the brand meets the wants and needs of its clients.

1. Innovative livability

No matter if we’re talking about the smaller 48-footer or the flagship 75-footer, form meets function and flows in all directions on the Navetta making livability onboard feel equal to a luxurious five-star retreat. This helps explain Americans’ love for the line. As we are aware, stateside residents are keen on super-sizing everything in their lives from kitchens to king-size beds, for this reason… it’s spellbinding for them to find a full-sized fridge, four-burner stovetop, and generous Master and VIP cabins that take complete advantage of the full beam of the boat.

Absolute Navetta 64

But beds and burners aside, what truly stands out in super-sized fashion spotlighting the stately demeanor and prominent personality of the superstructure are the striking glass windows and absence of central pillars on the windshield, whereby gifting guests with unparalleled, pacifying views of the deep-blue ocean hues.

Below deck is equally breathtaking. Gazing over the beautiful natural light beams filtering through the glass panes, and how they harmoniously mingle with the refined furnishings and appointments truly conveys a deep feeling of calmness and relaxation during down time.

2. Fuel efficient cruising

Thanks to the Volvo Penta IPS propulsion system and to the Absolute hull, the entire Navetta line has been dialed in to perfection. Performing on point, it rewards owners with reduced fuel consumption, which means for example, the savings from filling up 4,000 liters (1,056 gallons) on the Navetta 73 can be appreciated by even the most deep-pocketed proprietors. And although the vessel was created for long-distance voyages, by optimizing the design of the hull and its volumetric balance, the Navetta handles the high seas when on plane with “absolute” precision.

Absolute Navetta 75

3. Navetta, more value for your money

The Navetta series is such a success in the United States because it excels at “providing more cubic space” rather than “sliding cubic dollars” from your savings account. In keeping with the efficient theme from number two above, in terms of value and economics, when choosing to invest in the yachting lifestyle, American customers (like all others) are aficionados of the Absolute Yachts manta “more for your money!”

The Navetta takes these four words to heart, observable by the fact the uniquely designed line affords buyers the opportunity to own an all-weather vessel with the ability to be used throughout the year in varying climatic conditions (as typically experienced on the West Coast). Secondly, the larger dimensions and generously-sized interior living spaces make it feasible after “filling her up at the pump” to “fill her up” with more friends and family for long-range rendezvous.

Absolute Yachts

4. Heightened sense of safety

Designing a mesmerizing silhouette is one thing, but injecting it with deep-down rugged trawler DNA to handle the ragged stretches of the western shoreline is another. For this feat, Absolute Yachts must be commended on its engineering practices, by which, first and foremost was its focus on the heightened sense of safety, strength and solidarity manifested in the build both internally and externally.

The Navetta gets a high-five for offering owners and their passengers peace of mind whether cruising around sunny-skied Catalina Island off Long Beach, California, or on rustic rainy day routes northbound toward the San Juan Islands in Washington and British Columbia.

Navetta Absolute Yachts

Heightened safeguarding measures are evidenced by its wide protected gunwales, high bulwarks, hefty handrails, and non-slip-surface covered decks which provide safe and sound passage around the vessel. Furthermore, on many models, the lack of steps up to the side pilot door facilitates a simpler, safer entry (and exit); and an easily reachable fire extinguisher and full-size orange life ring placed in the cockpit in a designated spot demonstrate safety hasn’t gone out of style when the Italians are in charge.

Note: To our valued lectors, this story is the first in a short collection of editorial features exemplifying how Absolute Yachts has built up its valued international reputation, most notably in the USA. Please be on the lookout for our second installment coming soon which explores just what exactly is a Navetta in the eyes of an American!

Absolute Yachts Navetta

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