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Three interesting news for the owners of Raymarine tools are coming. Thanks to the collaboration with Navionics, multifunction displays based on LightHouse II software can be provided with Autorouting Dock-to-dock, SonarChart™ Live and Advanced Map Options.

Autorouting dock-to-dock (literally from dock to dock) by Navionics allows the creation of smart detailed routes even in critical situations, such as channels and narrow passages. After selectioning the departure and arrival point on the display, Navionics’ algorithms calculate a safe route on the basis of some cartographic and batimetric data. ” Autorouting dock-to-dock express its skills in tracing a route through a labyrinth of variables which just be considered in the navigation planning” explains Don Black, Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at Navionics. “Today, we can offer this incredible function to a greater number of yachtsmen through our funded partnership with Raymarine. Once again, we are enthusiastic to provide the users of our multifunction displays with a new technology and some innovative features through our LightHouse operating system” – says Grégoire Outters, Vice President and General Manager of FLIR Maritime.

With Autorouting and SonarChart™ Live we offer an easy ad rich navigation experience”.

eS12 Sonar Live Reef Detail

SonarChart™ Live works with Raymarine multifunction displays and it allows to create some personal HD batimetric maps with lines each 0.5 m in real time.

Though its echo-sounder, you can reveal new areas or some points where the bottom configuration would have been subjected to some changes and, thus, create new batimetric maps you can see immediately on your device. Moreover, thanks to the Plotter Sync function of Navionics Boating Apps, you can upload sonar traces automatically and download the updated maps. The data of the new areas are integrated in the SonarChart™ library and you can share it with all Navionics users.

The new Advance Map Options have been conceived for fishermen and they allow to customise the view of the Navionics map by selecting low bottoms, a particular fishing area and by setting the density of SonarChart™ lines. All the new Navionics functions are available for MFD a/c/e/eS/gS Series Raymarine models, produced after 2011 and updated with LightHouse II 17 software. The compatibility list is available at:

www.raymarine.com/lighthouse e www.navionics.com/R17news.


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