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Arcadia 85S. Translated into few numbers, a boat with a length of almost 26 metres, equipped with two MAN diesel R6-730 HP engines, a maximum speed of 18 knots and an autonomy of 850 miles at 12 knots. The yacht was launched some weeks ago and it was delivered to a satisfied American shipowner.

It’s not a really new model but a new special version of Arcadia 85, whose main innovation lays on the new fly-bridge, convertible into a third covered deck, completely closed and protected from some lateral windows which can raise up to the hard top, exactly like on convertible cars.

This way, the entire sky-deck is more flexible and it can used in any weather condition: you can use air-conditioned if it’s too hot or weather is not good, or you can let it open like a traditional fly-bridge. The third deck is providied with a steering gear, a hall with some sofas and coffe tables, a wet-bar and an astern solarium terrace.

Arcadia 85S has a NPL semi-gliding hull. The acronym means National Physical Laboratory and it is the centre of London where several tests have been done to detemine the best hull shape and the best length-beam ration in terms of hydrodynamic efficiency.

Before adopting this kind of hull, even a team from the Arcadia Yachts’ technical department has worked to optimise the results of the English tests concerning sea grip and noise reduction. The aim was to create a semi-gliding hull with a light superstructure, high perfomances and low consumption.

The project aims for eco-saving. Between the inner and the external surface, some solar panels cover almost the entire superstructure surface; each of them is made up of hundreds of solar cells providing a power of about 3.5 Kw, sufficient to power fridges, water systems, toilets, lights, A/V and electronic devices.

Meantime, batteries charge themselves. This way, the necessary energy, air conditioned excluded, is provided free all the day from solar panel. If necessary, of course, a generator gives its contribution. Moreover, each double pane panel contains a special gas called Krypton, which guarantees a high thermo-insulating coefficient, up to a 18-degree-thermal cooling between inner and external temperatures, the equivalent of a 20-centimetre-thick brick wall.

As regards the inner layout, design of Arcadia 85S follows the style of the previous model which tended to create a sort of continuity between inner and external areas. The deck-house is made of a double reflecting mirror layer and it gives a lot of light to the interiors. The automatic shutters in the lateral windows and the inspection hatch offer the necessary privacy – for the shipowner and his guests. The huge aft-deck lounge of Arcadia 85S (8.50 metres long) is equipped with a well-protected cockpit and a large sunbathing platform.

There are four cabins in the lower deck, included the shipowner’s one at mid-boat. A fore Vip cabin is provided with a double bed and a dressing room, beyong which there are the crew rooms. Finally, there are two double guest cabins.

The central hall of Arcadia 85S offers the ideal space for eight people, together with the external aft-deck, where guests can enjoy heir conviviality moments.

Furniture is modern and designed by some of the most important Italian brands, such as Poltrone Frau, Cassina and B&B. Most of interiors are made up of single pieces for a greater possibility of customization. In this version, for example, Arcadia 85S has an open kitchen.

There are many technical rooms, too, and a large garage for a tender or a jet-ski.


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