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New Evo V8 flagship launched by Evo Yachts

New Evo V8 flagship launched by Evo Yachts at the Torre Annunziata marina

The wait is finally over. From the dock of the Torre Annunziata marina, in the
province of Naples, the Evo Yachts’ construction team witnessed the grand launch of the Evo V8, the Neapolitan shipyard’s new flagship delivered to an Italian owner, who also attended the traditional inauguration ceremony. The special day was the celebration of months of meticulous planning involving the Italian brand’s technicians and workers. The latter, through the creation of the Evo V8, had the opportunity to demonstrate at best the construction capacity, the attention to details and the innovative spirit that have always characterized the history of Blu Emme Yachts.

boat launchThe Evo V8 represents a turning point for the shipyard, as Production Manager Paolo D’Orazio explains: “During these hectic months, the shipyard’s team have worked on this ambitious project with dedication, passion and commitment. The creation of Evo V8 is the result of an important period of growth for the shipyard and this fills us with pride. At the same time, the launch is also a point of departure towards new increasingly ambitious and innovative projects“.

launch on the sea

Evo V8: the “transformer boat” launched

Not surprisingly, Evo Yachts, a brand of Blu Emme Yachts, can be defined as the forerunner of a new concept, that of the “transformer boat”, well known among the most demanding boaters and which led to the production of the R series with the RS and R4 models and the T2 and T3 tenders. Now, with the arrival of the Evo V8, a futuristic boat with a very masculine design, Evo Yachts is giving life to a new era in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

boat salon

One among the most interesting innovations, in fact, is the capacity to sail under power with sensations very close to the sailing world: in short, the Evo V8 reinvents living on board according to concepts never experienced before. The minimalist and refined design created by Valerio Rivellini’s pencil denotes a strong originality that is completely different from the other Evo series and aims to ideally unite the worlds of motoring and sailing.


Another highlight is the beach area which, huge and architecturally impressive, can be enlarged hydraulically by means of folding bulwarks to offer a space that is truly unique on the world nautical market. As an “almost superyacht”, the Evo V8 offers a space, annexed to the aft area and connected to the master cabin, of rare beauty and charm, a super panoramic lounge area thanks to the large windows that offer “all year round” liveability.

evo v8 launched

With a completely customizable layout, the Evo V8 is available in a version with three guest cabins for 7 people and a crew cabin for 2, located on the lower deck together with the galley. The main deck, instead, features a large panoramic saloon with vertical opening windows and two side walkways that surround the squared-off deckhouse, while the bow once again offers an elegant, discreet living area.

The Evo V8 demonstrates that Italian nautical genius is always driving and ahead of the trends. Evo V8, the unprecedented super open, is ready to sail into the future. Now.


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