Rio Yachts Daytona 46
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The Rio Yachts Daytona 46 is an open boat that really goes with the sea

Rio Yachts is a brand that has been rooted in Italian nautical excellence since the 1960s thanks to the intuition of a young couple: Anna Ziliani and Italian business Luigi Scarani. Both founded RIO and were to become the architects of their success in the avionics sector. Ten years later, securing an absolute leadership over other Italian shipyards, RIO set aside the handcrafted production of fine mahogany motorboats and found a turning point in the ABS “boat for everyone“. ABS was the perfect material that gave way to industrial production.

Today, Rio Yachts Daytona 46celebrates its 60th anniversary with the presentation of a boat characterized by a sense of freedom and luxury, veiled by a sportiness expressed in its name “Daytona 46“. This is the natural evolution of a range that has meanwhile matured a year since the company launched the Daytona 34 in September 2020, which was already sold out just a few months after its display at the Genoa Boat Show. DAYTONA boats are “practical and sporty open boats, suitable for long-range cruising, where open spaces are preferred to those below deck and where dynamic and fun performance is preferred“, explains the company. The design research fears no rivals, given the outstanding signature of Italian designer Marino Alfani, who was entrusted with the concept, bodywork and interiors. But that’s not all, because Alfani dared to go even further and even went as far as the engineering of the DAYTONA 46 working in collaboration with Rio Yachts technical department.

What the Rio Yachts Daytona 46 will look like

Rio Yachts noveltyLooking at the renderings of the Daytona 46, one ideal aspect of this 15 x 4 meter yacht is immediately clear: it is the poetry of the boat’s continuity with the sea through the option of eliminating at all the physical obstacle that the yacht itself constitutes with the liquid element, thus: “in the aft platform, both on the port and starboard side, two amazing large terraces can be opened, for a unique connection with the water”. The categories that define the Daytona 46 are undoubtedly the walkwaround, the central console and the unobstructed cockpit. All elements whose special features guarantee “easy movement in total safety“. The maximum speed of this boat is over 40 knots, while the cruising speed is estimated at 30 knots. The Daytona can be fitted with either three outboards or two inboard diesel engines.

Attractive, modern lines

The lines of the Daytona 46 are sporty, expressed through sleek geometric shapes, but it is the perfect symmetry of the parts that gives this boat its elegance. The interior is composed of an open space full of natural light that illuminates refined details, all of which can be customized by the owner.” If there are guests on board, the cabins can be divided by a movable wall to create the necessary privacy, which proves that comfort is ingrained in the boat’s DNA. Confirmation of the quality of the DAYTONA 46’s furnishings also comes from RIO YACHTS: “the interiors are the highest expression of the quality that only Made in Italy can provide”. Opposed to the sundeck is a double sofa, and here, too, the precision is truly superb. The stern passage is safe and spacious. In the central area, the galley is “open air” and acts as a divider between the cockpit and the helm area, which is well protected by a sporty bimini, a new concept awning that has the special feature of being able to lend itself on two legs instead of the classic four. Sales have already started and interest in this yacht is really high. We have no doubt: the DAYTONA 46 is further incontrovertible proof of the excellence of Italian yachting around the world.

Daytona 46 top view

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