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Sacs launches something really innovative in the world of ribs: Rebel line. With this yard, we’re used to see very fast exciting ribs, always faster than the others. Now, however, Rebel is a “softer” line and Rebel 47 has been conceived and designed for anyone looking for a luxury tender or a chase boat, that is a boat to enjoy sea or to land somewhere. Boats where comfort, finishings and design are a “must”.

Is it difficult to find all this on a rib? Maybe. This is why Sacs also focused on cruiser vessels, from which the yard took what it needed, such as fiberglass topsides whose handrails create two comfortable lateral tween decks, large and protective windscreens and spaces worthy of a cruising “war machine”.

scas rebel 47 maxi rib

The main strength of this new Sacs Rebel 47 is precisely her ability to use the best of both a maxi rib and a traditional boat. The result is a perfect combination between the dynamic features of a rubber boat and the typical spaces and design of a cruiser one.

scas rebel 47 maxi rib
Huge sunbathing platforms, large cockpit (2.45 x 3 m) with linear and L-shaped sofas, extensible table, a deep astern bathing platform and lots of space anywhere: this is Sacs Rebel 47.

Both benches and floor hide some lockers which solve any stowage problem brilliantly. On the stern, in addition to a central sunbathing platform (hiding another huge compartment/garage), two lateral passages lead to the bathing platform equipped with a storable stepladder.

Pilot’s seat is very comfortable and located just in front a wide steering console, while a large windscreen protects both the captain and passengers in the cockpit very well. Lateral passages (0.39 cm), too, are well-sheltered by a wale and a manrope like on traditional boats. The over-size fore sunbathing platform presents some very comfortable and attractive chaises longues.

Interiors scas rebel 47 maxi rib
Beds are four
: two in the large dinette-master cabin (the berth has a super queen size) and two in the cabin located under the cockpit, high enough for this kind of vessel. The bathroom has a shower box and a separated wc. The choice not to replicate lunch zones and kitchen inside perfectly follows the concept of the project. Modern and elegant is the general layout, with customizable finishes and colours.

Construction and sea trial
The construction technique of Rebel 47 borrows the best of both ribs and traditional boats. Tubulars are not inflatable but built with a three-component-material: a closed-cell-foam, with a density of 15kg/cubic metre and moulded on the designer’s CAD project, is protected by a very resistant plastic anti-blast and anti-collision material (it’s a Spanish patent also used on tug and military boats). The whole is covered with classic Hypalon neoprene. The typical family feeling of ribs is preserved but with the possibility to play with colours and customizations. scas rebel 47 maxi rib

This way, tubulars are sculpted and can follow the boat lines; moreover, they have a D-shaped section which has allowed to create the lateral passages. The fiberglass bottom presents four longitudinal Spray rails and an astern deadrise angle of 22 degrees.
The bottom of Rebel 47 we tested (number one) was hand-rolled but the next models will be built through infusion ( which represents a save of 400/500 kg).

Our boat was pushed by 2 Volvo D6 400 HP inboard-outboard engines  (as an alternative, the yard also proposes 2 x 430 HP or 2 x Cummins 480/ 550 hp inboard motors).
The first sensation is to sail in great comfort: low vibrations, low noise and excellent on-board circulation. Our engines were not particularly exciting but we reached almost 37 knots anyway – if you want to reach 50 knots you can choose a 550 HP engine.
In 4.4 seconds, the boat surfs and she reaches the maximum speed in just 28 seconds. In terms of consumption, at a 26-knot-cruising speed the boat uses about 90 l/h. The helmsman can keep a stable control of the boat even in the most violent and sudden turns. scas rebel 47 maxi rib

Sacs Rebel 47 is available in two different versions: Limousine (that one of our test), quieter and more traditional, and Open, similar to “Sacs Strider” style and more performing (this version will be probably launched at Düsseldorf Boat Show next January).

In both the two cases, customization is extreme. Not only colours and tubular finishes, but also hull, deck, furniture, the astern sunbathing platform and interiors can be custom-made.

The project is by Christian Grande and the basic price is € 465,000 euro, VAT excluded.

Test Performances

Engine revolutions Speed Noise behind the console Total consumption
600 4.5 68 3.5
1,000 7.2 69.4 7.1
1,500 9.6 68.8 24
2,000 15.1 75.1 49
2,500 23 76 75
2,800 26.5 76.2 90
3,000 30 77.2 111
3,500 36.5 80.5 157

Minimum surfing speed: 11.2 knots at 1,700 engine revolutions.

Conditions: 6 passengers, flat sea, no wind. 1,200 l of fuel and 100 l of water.

Consumption: data in the table refers to the couple

Technical details

Overall Length 14.10 m
Beam 4.48 m
Draught 0.70 m
Weight (with no engines) 9.0 t
Weight (with standard engines) 10.5 t
Fuel Tank 2 x 750 l
Water Tank 210 l
Passengers Capacity 16
Beds 4
Design Christian Grande Design Works
Project Sacs

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